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17 Dec 2019

Christmas does not bring cheers to shopkeepers any more

Christmas season usually brought cheers to shopkeepers but now they say with items being available on line, there are less visitors to shops.

14 Nov 2019

गोंय शिपयार्डाक मेळ्ळी सगळ्यांत व्हडली ऑर्डर

गोवा शिपयार्डाक आतामेरेनची सगळ्यांत व्हडली ऑर्डर मेळ्ळ्या. हे ऑर्डरीखाला गोंय शिपयार्ड भारतीय नौदळा खातीर दोन अत्याधुनीक मिसायल फ्रिगेट्स बांदतलें. केंद्रीय संरक्षण राज्यमंत्री श्रीपाद नायकान सांगलें.

07 Nov 2019

EDC has created 10,000 jobs: Tanawade

The Newly appointed EDC chairman Sadanand Tanawade approved the 140 pending applications of nearly 9 crore rupees under the Cheif Minister's Rozgar Yojna scheme. Also the budding women entrepreneurs’ applications. More than 10,000 job opportunities have been created under CMRY.

31 Oct 2019

Govt directed to hold public hearing on Panaji -Reis Magos ropeway

The Union Environment Ministry has cleared the way for a public hearing to be held of the long pending Resis Magos – Panaji ropeway, a project of the former chief minister late Manohar Parrikar.

21 Oct 2019

Govt could suffer Rs 10 crore revenue loss if Tui is cancelled: TTAG

Goa Tourism has already taken a hit because of Thomas Cook shutdown. The situation might turn worse if a British charter flight is not allowed to land after the Navy has issued Notam for the maintenance of the runway at Dabolim Airport.

16 Oct 2019

99 % of MBAs, 18 % of Engineers not worth to be employed: HCL founder

Founder of Hindustan Computers Limited Ajai Chowdhry said students are losing interest in engineering field as they do not get enough jobs. He said out 2.71 million seats in the country only 1.4 million seats got filled up last year. He further said 99 per cent of the MBAs and 18 per cent of the engineering graduates are unemployable.

09 Oct 2019

Goa to reduce road tax on cars till Dec end

The state cabinet has slashed the road tax by 50 per cent when you purchase any type of new vehicles till 31st December. Transport department data shows that registration of vehicles for first four months of the financial year has reduced by around 15 per cent.

09 Oct 2019

डिसेंबराच्या निमणे मेरेन कमी केलो रोड टॅक्स

31 डिसेंबर मेरेन कसलेय तरेचें नवें वाहन खरेदी करप्याक 50 टक्के रोड टॅक्स उणो भरचो पडटलो. राज्यमंत्रीमंडळान तसो निर्णय घेतला.

03 Oct 2019

Mamletdars to do assessments of bundhs to avoid floods

Many villages in Goa had faced heavy damages due recent floods. Now, government machinery is gearing up to assessments the state of bundhs to avoid such floods in future. Tiswadi deputy collector Vivek Tiwari said mamletdars in respective areas have been given the task to conduct such assessments.

03 Oct 2019

हुंवारांचें अरिश्ट टाळपा खातीर मामलेदारांनी घेवची जतनाय

घोग्यांनी पडिल्ल्या पावसाक लागून गोंयांत हुंवार आयिल्लेवरी स्थिती निर्माण जाल्ली.

30 Sep 2019

HC tells Govt to begin allotting shacks, next hearing on 7th October

The Tourism industry had a mixed day on Monday. The High Court allowed the state to start the procedure for allocation of shacks. But asked it to refrain from finalising allocation till final orders. The next date of hearing in on October 7.

30 Sep 2019

Goa Dairy earns Rs 4.36 cr profit, Rs. 1.05 cr to be distributed among dairy farmers

Goa Dairy has been in news for mismanagement. Now, there is finally a little bit of good news. The Dairy has earned a profit 4.36 crore rupess for the financial year 2018-19. It has earned 2.5 crore rupees profit through milk and 1.86 crore rupees through cattle-feed.