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04 Jun 2019

Ore transportation at Mayem upsets locals, environmentalists

Environmentalists and farmers are up in arms over the ore transportation in Mayem village.

29 May 2019

MPT workers protest over arrears, salary hike

MPT workers have threatened to protest if they are not given increment or arrears. The workers said one year has been passed since the increment has been announced but still they have not received hike in their salary.

27 May 2019

Cashew price control crashing beyond Marketing Board: Velip

The prices of cashew nuts have crashed this year. Some have blamed the Goa Agriculture Marketing Board for failing to control prices.

08 May 2019

Goa University organises placement fair

Goa University Vice-Chancellor Varun Sahni advised Goans to take up jobs even if they are offered one outside Goa. He said this will help them gain invaluable experience.

03 May 2019

Madgao Urban Bank closed, trying for a merger

It’s a dead end for the Madgao Urban Cooperative Bank. The Reserve Bank of India closed all its business for six months from Friday.

03 May 2019

मडगांव अर्बन बॅंक बंद : विलिनीकरणाचे यत्न

मडगांव अर्बन सहकारी बॅंके मुखार आनीक एक अरिश्ट तोंड उकतें करून उबें रावलां.

01 May 2019

Khazan lands under threat says scientist, CM agrees, suggests community farming

Professor Nandakumar Kamat said every Chief Minister is asking to save khazan lands since 1984. But no one is serious on the issue.

30 Apr 2019

HSSC results: Girls outshine boys by 35 %

The passing percentage of Higher Secondary students this is year is 89.59 and this time too girls outshone boys by a margin of 35.06 per cent.

16 Apr 2019

Former Goa dairy chairman, MD reinstated

Rajesh Faldessai has been reinstated as the chairman of Goa Dairy and Navso Sawant as managing director on the orders of High Court on Tuesday.

14 Apr 2019

India in a difficult position: Security analysts

Experts and analysts of India's security have opined that India is in a difficult position in terms of international relations because of of unpredictable nature of some friendly foreign leaders and because of expansionist nature of our powerful neighbour.

14 Apr 2019

Come out and vote on 23 April, appeals IAS, Ajit Roy

The Lok Sabha elections have began in country, and Goa will vote on the 23rd of April.