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27 Nov 2021

Now Carlos also warns BJP over tickets

Electioneering is reaching a fever pitch in the state, with new parties entering the scene and candidates jumping parties. There has been a lot of speculation about whether Carlos is going to get the BJP ticket or no. Reacting to this uncertainty, Vasco BJP MLA Carlos Almeida on Saturday said that in the event that the BJP denies him the ticket, then he would have to take an equally harsh decision for the upcoming elections.

26 Nov 2021

Give financial assistance to Goan filmmakers, or else, warns Shiv Sena

Give financial assistance scheme to Goan filmmakers before the end of IFFI, or else face protests, the Shiv Sena has warned the government. They accused ESG of neglecting Goan producers and done them injustice.

25 Nov 2021

AAP is the only party that can fight BJP: Pratima

The Congress has not been an opposition to the BJP in the last five years. And this includes the role of the working president Alexio Sequeira as a opposition figure in the past 5 years, AAP charged. In fact AAP vice president Pratima Coutinho said that the Congress has been the cradle for giving MLAs to the BJP citing the example of the 13 Congress MLAs who defected after Goa gave a mandate of 17 MLAs to the Congress in 2017.

25 Nov 2021

भाजपाक विरोध केलो तो आपानच, कॉंग्रेसीक कापझदाद ना- प्रतिमा

फाटल्या पांच वर्सांत कॉंग्रेसीन भाजपाक कसलोच विरोध केल्लो दिश्टी पडना.

24 Nov 2021

Student union demands white paper of job recruitment by govt

The National Students Union of India, Goa Unit has demanded that the government present a white paper on the recruitment of candidates under the scheme promising 8,000 jobs in different government departments.

23 Nov 2021

Reginald meets Fadnavis, sets tongues wagging again

Confusion in Goan politics seems to be getting worse. In addition to the jumping from one party to another, now Congress heavyweight MLA Reginald Lourenco meeting BJP Goa election in-charge Devendra Fadnavis on Monday at midnight created a stir despite the Congress heavyweight calling it a coincidence.

23 Nov 2021

AAP attacks Cong working pres meet with BJP high command

The Aam Admi Party attacked the Congress’s working president Reginald Lourenco meeting with the BJP high command last night. AAP on Tuesday touched the issue alleging that sections of the Congress and the BJP are getting into a pre poll alliance.

22 Nov 2021

HC lists Cong disqualification petition for 10 Dec

The High Court has listed disqualification petition by Congress against their 10 MLAs who had defected for final disposal on 10 December. Respondents which includes Speaker and the 10 defected MLA's are been directed to file their replies on or before 6 December.

22 Nov 2021

Make local films also official participants, demands Cong

What is the use of hosting 52nd International Film Festival of India if there is no benefit for Goan films? Opposition leader Digambar Kamat questioned. If Goan films are not official then they should be made official, he demanded.

20 Nov 2021

Churchill says fed up with Cong apathy, will drop bomb by 29th

Goa’s heavyweight politician Churchill Alemão has dropped a big hint as various players’ jockey for position as poll dates near. NCP MLA has expressed dissatisfaction over the pace of the alliance talks and said that he will take the final decision on the 29th of this month, amidst speculation of his joining the TMC.

19 Nov 2021

TMC accuses CM of owning mine, dealing Mhadei water diversion

Trinamool Congress party has hit out at BJP led government on mining and Mhadei. TMC MP Mahua Moitra alleged mining in Goa was shut for last so many years, but the Chief Minister owns a mine in Maharashtra.