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21 Feb 2019

Withdraw CRZ amendment: GRE

Goenchea Raponnkarancho Ekvott has called for withdrawal of the amendment to the Coastal Zone Management Plan.

20 Feb 2019

Cong evasive on Luizinho statements on govt formation

GPCC President Girish Chodankar has refused to join issue with Luizinho Faleiro statements on senior Congress leader Digvijay Singh viz a viz government formation in 2017.

20 Feb 2019

Mining issue will be solved sooner than later: BJP VP

BJP's national Vice-President Vinayak Shahastrabudhe said that the Goa's mining issue will be solved sooner rather than later.

19 Feb 2019

Politician gets a bashing when he comes without homework

A Goa-based Nationalist Congress Party leader cut a sorry figure on Tuesday when he held a press conference based on wrong facts.

19 Feb 2019

Issue trade licence to Gandhi Market vendors: Babu

Sports Minister and Madgao's Gandhi Market President Babu Ajgaokar has said that sopo payers at the Gandhi Market be issued trade licence by the municipality.

19 Feb 2019

Khalap urges Chief Minister to approve grants for his college

Former union minister has reiterated his demand to give grants-in-aid to his Mandrem College of Commerce and Economics.

18 Feb 2019

CM holds cabinet at D Paula residence

The cabinet on Monday was low key with only a couple of table items on the agenda.

18 Feb 2019

Cabinet didn’t discuss dissolution, suspense continues….

Will the Goa Assembly be dissolved? Will Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar will step down, paving way for President’s rule?

18 Feb 2019

मंत्रीमंडळाचे बसकेंत विधानसभा बरखास्तीचो निर्णय ना : मंत्री रिलॅक्स मुडांत

गोंय विधानसभा बरखास्त जातली? राष्ट्रपती राजवटीक मेकळी वाट करून दीत मुख्यमंत्री मनोहर पर्रीकार कदेल सोडटलो? सोमारा जाल्ले मंत्रीमंडळाचे बसके उपरांत गोंयभर हीच चर्चा चलिल्ली. पूण मंत्रीमंडळाचे बसकेंत ह्या विशयांचेर कसलीच चर्चा जावंक नाशिल्ल्याचें मंत्र्यांनी सांगलें.

14 Feb 2019

Congress to approach Lokayukta on 3rd Mandovi bridge illegalities

Congress has alleged corruption in the construction of the third Mandovi bridge and asserted that the party will approach Lokayukta on the issue if they do not get answers to the issues raised by the party.

14 Feb 2019

Goa Forward leader attacks Sudin on ‘corrupt’ tendering process

Looks like Goa Forward is taking their ruling ally Maharashtrawadi Gomantak Party head on.