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23 Jul 2021

Cong leaders back after meeting with Rahul over leadership, elections

Top Goa Congress leaders werecalled to Delhi ostensably to discuss on the upcoming elections. However, what was not officially spoken about is the major difference in the Congress in Goa, and what is being discussed in nooks and corners of the state.

23 Jul 2021

Cong attacks local MLA over sinking roads

The sinking of roads due shoddy sewage pipeline laying work in Calangute have become a headache for Kongotkars. Imagine, if the pipeline becomes functional and road keeps sinking in rain every year, former Calangute Sarpanch Joseph Sequeira asks, warning that Goans will be forced to leave Calangute.

23 Jul 2021

कळंगुटचे रस्ते बुडले : कॉंग्रेसीन धुलो आमदाराक!

सिवेजीच्या बाबत कामाक लागून कळंगूटच्या रस्त्यांची अवतिकाय जाल्या.

22 Jul 2021

LOUIS BERGER: Court orders charges to be framed against Digambar

A Special Court, Mapusa ordered the framing of charges in the Louis Berger Disproportionate Assets Enforcement Directorate case.

22 Jul 2021

लुईस बर्जर प्रकरण : दिगंबर, चर्चिल हाजीर होSSS..!

लुईस बर्जर प्रकरणांत आमदार दिगंबर कामत आनी चर्चिल आलेमांव हांचे आड मनी लाँड्रिंग कायद्या खाला आरोप निश्चित करपाचो आदेश म्हापशेंच्या अतिरिक्त जिल्लो आनी सत्र न्यायालयान दिला.

21 Jul 2021

Remove coal, bring cruise terminal at MPT: Vijai agaisn requests Shripad

Goa Forward MLA Vijai Sardesai once again stressed on bringing cruise terminal at MPT by eradicating the coal handling. If it happens Goa can become Miami. Minister of State for Ports should take initiative and make MPT free from coal.

21 Jul 2021

I am not scared, but Goans want alliance; says Vijai

I am not scared but Congress needs alliance if the party needs to win. Goa Forward will tie up with Congress because the public wants it.

21 Jul 2021

हांव भियेवंक ना, गोंयकार म्हणटात युती जाय : विजय

हांव भियेना, पूण जिखपाक जाय जाल्यार कॉंग्रेसीन युती करपाक जाय.

18 Jul 2021

काँग्रेसीक परतून सत्तेर हाडटल्यो : डॉ. फर्नांडिस

काँग्रेसीन बायलांच्या कल्ल्याणाखातीर साबार येवजण्यो चालीक लायल्यात. तांका स्वावलंबी केल्यात. फुडलें वेचणुकेत काँग्रेसीक सत्तेर हाडपाक गोंयच्या बायलांची म्हत्त्वाची भूमिका आसतली, अशें अखिल भारतीय महिला काँग्रेसीची गोंय प्रभारी दोतोर सीमा फर्नांडिस हाणी सांगलें.

17 Jul 2021

Sell fuel at base price: Congress

The basic price of petrol is around 35 to 36. However, the rate is hiked to 100 rupees by adding taxes.

11 Jul 2021

Nuvem politics heats up as AAP confronts local MLA outside own house

The electioneering to the assembly elections has well and truly begun. And this can be gauged by the open confrontation between members of the Aam Admi Party and the Nuvem MLA Wilfred Babashan D'Sa for the second day running.

08 Jul 2021

Portfolios allotted, Shripad shifted to tourism from Defence

The most awaited reshuffle and expansion of union cabinet held on Wednesday.

05 Jul 2021

Mixed feelings over entertainment project at Mandrem

This could be another controversy in which deputy chief Minsiter Manohar Babu Azgaokar is involved in.