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15 Oct 2018

Sunshine School ties up with Microsoft to get connected, enhance the teaching experience

Sunshine Worldwide School has transformed itself from a traditional 4 wall classroom to a connected learning community by partnering with Tech Avant-Garde and Microsoft to adopt the MASP Pro program to empower teachers and students.

14 Oct 2018

Betalbatim panchayat finally uses jubilee funds to extend the building

Nuvem MLA Wilfred D’ Sa on Sunday said that golden jubilee funds given to Betalbatim panchayat 10 years ago still remained unutilized.

13 Oct 2018

Road safety week awareness held at Cuncolim

Lions Club in association with Traffic Cell, Margao and Cuncolim school students took out a Road Safety Week awareness rally at Cuncolim on Saturday.

12 Oct 2018

GSIDC, EDC to float special self-employment scheme for engineers in the state

GSIDC and EDC have floated a special scheme for civil and the software engineers.

07 Oct 2018

Don Bosco engineering studens holds Robotics program at Bicholim

MEC-HEADS by MESH held a robotics workshop for students of Shri Shantadurga high school, Bicholim.

05 Oct 2018

Disaster management workshop at Margao

Community awareness and disaster preparedness workshop was held to create awareness on how to save your life and property during disaster by South Goa Disaster Management Authority in association with NDRF Pune.

04 Oct 2018

देवधर्म माननाशिल्ल्यांचें कांयच वायट जायना: भेंब्रे

विज्ञान सगळ्या प्रस्नांच्यो जापो दिवंक शकना हें मान्य, पूण तें विज्ञानाचें न्हय, मनशाचें दुबळेपण. भक्ती, स्रद्धा, अंधस्रद्धा हांचें समर्थन करपा खातीर हो युक्तिवाद फुडें येता.

29 Sep 2018

RBI extends restrictions on Mapusa Urban for another 6 months

The Reserve Bank of India has extending the restrictions on withdrawals from Mapusa Urban Cooperative Bank branches 1000 rupees for another 6 month.

29 Sep 2018

Govt makes Gujarati desirable for jobs, withdraws advt after uproar

Are we actually making the knowledge of Gujarati desirable for government jobs?

29 Sep 2018

सरकारी नोकरेखातीर गोंयांत गुजरातीच्या गिन्यानाची मागणी, बोवाळ पडटकीर जायरात केली रद्द

गोंयांत आतां गुजराती आयल्यार सरकारी नोकरी मेळपाक शकता? हय. गोंयच्या नुस्तेमार खात्यान तशी जायरातच दिली. पूण ताचेर रोकडोच बोवाळ पडलो आऩी गोंयकारपणाच्यो घोशणा दिवपी गोवा फॉरवर्डाचो मंत्री विनोद पालयेकारान ती जायरातच रद्द केली.

29 Sep 2018

Goa, Portugal sign MOU on water sewerage; promise to cooperate in other fields also

The Goa government and the Portuguese government on Saturday signed a MOU to assess and work on water management, sanitation and sewerage.