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19 Aug 2018

Solidarity Run for resumption of Mining

Solidarity Run for mining was organised by Goa Mining Peoples Front at Bicholim. Around 300 mining dependents participated in the run appealing for early resumption of mining in the state.

12 Aug 2018

Restart of mining: govt on wrong track says Velip

Auction is not the solution for to a quick start to mining in the state. Neither is amending the MMDR Act or the ordinance route. This will only result in more litigation.

08 Aug 2018

Mining solution in 3 months, Nilesh after CM meets PM

The mining issue will be resolved within the next 3 months.

07 Aug 2018

CM meets PM in Delhi to discuss mining solution

Chief minister Manohar Parrikar met the Prime Minister Narendra Modi in Delhi on Tuesday over the demand to resume mining in the state.

03 Aug 2018

Mining resolution passes, now onus on Centre

The house unanimously passed the resolution that the Centre amend the Goa, Daman and Diu Mining Concessions (Abolition and Declaration as Mining Leases) Act, 1987 and the MMDR act so as to restart mining in the state.

30 Jul 2018

Claude all for mining dependents, wants Govt recovery also for them

Claude Alvares has promised all help to mining workers, retrenched or otherwise, and stakeholders who had come to meet him on Monday.

26 Jul 2018

CM also supports ordinance to continue mining, but holding till Fri

Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar has strongly proposed an ordinance to the central mining act as a long-term solution to restart mining immediately.

26 Jul 2018

मुख्यमंत्रीय म्हणटा मायनी सुरू करपाक वटहुकूम होच उपाय, पूण रावतलो शुक्रार मेरेन

निमणे मुख्यमंत्री मनोहर पर्रीकार मायनिंगाचेर उलयलो. ताकाय आतां केंद्र सरकारान मायनिंग कायद्यांत बदल करपी वटहुकूम हाडिल्लो जाय. आसा तेच मिनेर चालू दवरपी तरतूद. ते खातीर विधानसभा परत फुडल्या शुक्रारा चर्चा करतली.

25 Jul 2018

Mining loss not 35000 Cr; Shah commission mistaken: CM

Chief Minister Parrikar has stated that the Shah Commission estimate of 35,000 Crore rupees loss of revenue was wrong as it was based on extraction from 578 hectares out of lease areas. But a survey conducted by the state government showed it to be only 10 hectares.

25 Jul 2018

मायनींग लुकसाण फकत 3500 कोटी?

राज्याक 35 हजार कोटी रुपयाचें लुकसाण जालां अशें शाह कमीशनान सांगिल्लें तें सारकें ना कारण तें लिजाच्या वाठारां भायर आशिल्ल्या वाठारांत काडिल्ल्या मिना बाबतींत आशिल्लें अशें मुख्यमंत्री मनोहर पर्रिकारान म्हणिल्लें.

18 Jul 2018

GMPF meet Rahul, Gadkari in Delhi, puts pressure for ordinance route

After meeting Mining Minister Narendra Singh Tomar, Goa Mining People's Front on Wednesday met Rahul Gandhi in Delhi.

16 Jul 2018

Ahead of Assembly session 500 mining dependents take to streets

Ahead of Assembly session nearly 500 mining dependants from Bicholim, Sankhali and surrounding area marched to the local MLA & speaker Pramod Sawant.