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08 Apr 2021

Mining corp will be formed before May 31: CM

Mining corporation would formed before 30th  May, Chief Minister Dr Pramod Sawant said on Thursday. He said the process for this is already in pipeline. 

25 Mar 2021

Vijai, CM spat in house over recovery of mining dues

Chief Minister Pramod Sawant and Goa Forward MLA Vijai Sardessai were involved in fiery debate on the quantum of recovery of mining dues. Vijai alleged that the government had failed to recover 35,000 crore rupees of dues from lease owners.

20 Dec 2020

Implement 2007 wage settlement, barge workers to barge owners

United Bargemen Association on Sunday demanded that the 2007 wage settlement be implemented. They say that they will not allow the system which does not look after the rights of the workers to continue any further.

30 Nov 2020

We are concerned about the common man, not big companies, CM on mining soln

The Chief Minister Pramod Sawant seems to be veering towards said two options for restart of mining in the state - either a mining corporation or auction.

30 Nov 2020

सरकाराक काळजी सामान्य मनशाची, व्हडल्या कंपनींची न्हू : मुख्यमंत्री सावंत

गोंयांत खणी सुरू करतले जाल्यार दोनच पर्याय आसात. एक – महामंडळ स्थापन करप वा पावणी.

29 Sep 2020

Campaign to oppose coal import thr' Goa from 2nd Oct

The proposal of doubling of South Western Railway track to transport more coal from Vasco to Hospet in Karnataka is a burning issue. People who live along the railway tracks are opposing the proposal tooth and nail.

05 Sep 2020

Restart mining to bring Goa's economy on tracks: truck owners

Other states have announced packages to mining dependents on the backdrop of covid-19. South Goa Truck Owners Association also wants this type of help as they say they are facing lots of problems. They also want the Government to restart mining to bring Goa's economy on tracks.

24 Aug 2020

Form mining policy before re-starting mining: Gakuvedh

The Gakuvedh Federation said the government should not give mining leases to those companies involved in the 35,000 crore mining loot.

20 Aug 2020

Ex-Sakhli MLA wants to revive mining; Mayem farmers say they want to cultivate their land

There are opposing views on the mining issue in Bicholim taluka. While the former Sakhli MLA Pratap Gawas says mining should be revived at the earliest as people have been suffering after mining came to a halt. The farmers in Mayem however say the mining silt has flowed into their paddy fields making them uncultivable. And that they will not allow mining to re-start if their issues are not resolved.

13 Aug 2020

Restart mining legally, Sanvordekars urge Governor

Sanvordem panchayat has urged Goa Governor to work towards restart mining activity in the State in a legal manner.

23 Jul 2020

Bardez, Bicholim, Sattari farmers allege they suffer because of illegal mining

Farmers from Bardez, Bicholim and Sattari say they are suffering because of the illegal mining operations in these talukas in violation of the Supreme Court order.