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16 Mar 2020

Ex-mining worker shows the farming way in Navelim

A mining worker from Navelim has taken up agriculture after his retirement. He says cultivating only paddy does not fetch much income. His suggestion is one should go in for cash crops. He has shown the way to his fellow villagers.

27 Feb 2020

No ore transport unless paid salaries: Mining workers

Mining workers retrenched by Fomento have come up with a new demand. First pay half the salary of workers and then start transporting the ore.

26 Feb 2020

Truck owners threaten court action against police

Madgao Salcete Truck Owners Association has threatened to approach the court against traffic police for issuing challans indiscriminately. According to president Franky Gomes, police are issuing challans without verifying the RC book and load capacity of trucks.

25 Feb 2020

Chowgule & Sesa workers clash over employment

The mining workers belonging to Chowgules have objected to the deployment of Sesa workers at weighbridge run earlier by Chowgules. Enraged workers marched to Shirgao mines and shut down the weighbridge while demanding that they be employed there.

17 Feb 2020

Govt is planning for sustainable mining, not for lease holders: CM

It was waiting for the Supreme Court all this time to restart mining. But now chief minister Dr Pramod Sawant has started playing a different tune. He said on Monday that his government has already worked out a plan for sustainable mining for the next 50 years. And not for the miners, but mining dependents and farmers.

14 Feb 2020

GMPF condemns Goa foundation petition

Goa Mining People's Front on Friday condemned against the petition filed by NGO Goa Foundation against government say in Supreme Court to extend mining lease upto 2037. By such petition NGO has once again dashed the hopes of mining resumption in state , GMPF claimed and termed stated NGO an anti social one working against will of people.

07 Feb 2020

Pay our salaries, or else we will stop the work, threaten Sesa workers

Mining workers deployed at Sesa mines is Bicholim have threatened not to allow machinery to operate and stop transportation operations till the company pays them their arrears, bonus and salary. They have also decided to shut down loading point of Sesa mines at Saramanas in Bicholim.

07 Feb 2020

पगार दिना, जाल्यार लोडिंग पॉयंट उडयतले बंद: सेसा कामगारांची शिटकावणी

कामगारांचे एरियर्स, बोनस, पगार जो मेरेन पुरायपणान दिनात, तो मेरेन दिवचलच्यान कंपनीची कसलीच मशिनरी हालोवपाक दिवचे नात.

04 Feb 2020

Notices to 42 mining Cos for multi-crore scam, won’t spare anybody: CM

The government will send notices to 42 mining companies within a month. Those who have been found guilty by a committee of chartered accountants. Chief minister Pramod Sawant also assured the House that nobody would be spared.

31 Jan 2020

Mining Co got mining transport started, why Govt taking credit?

Who was responsible for restarting mining transport in Goa? The Government is tom tomming the Supreme Court order that allows legal ore to be sold. But the opposition says that it is actually the achievement of mining companies.

31 Jan 2020

Workers upset over salaries, gherao Speaker, Mayem MLA

Sesa mining workers gheraoed the speaker Rajesh Patnekar and local MLA demanding a solution to their salary issue. Or if not they have openly threatened to agitate against them.