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22 Jun 2019

Mining dependents on road once again to restart mining

Monsoon has just started. But mining dependents are worried whether mining would restart after monsoon. So to urge the authorities in Goa and at the centre, Sanvordem mining dependents have flexed their muscles. On the other hand, the Salcete truck owners also upset with Congress MLAs for interfering in their business.

15 Jun 2019

Mining pits Issue: up to Centre to sort this out

Full mining pits in mining areas are a issue. They can be a danger to surrounding areas.

13 Jun 2019

Mining issue: Workers want Cong to take up mining restart during Assembly session

Mining workers and stakeholder on Thursday met the leader of opposition Babu Kavlekar wanting the Congress to take up restart of mining in the upcoming assembly session. This assumes significance given that the talk of mining via mining corporation instead of auction is gaining ground

06 Jun 2019

Everybody supports Govt-owned Mining Corporation

Surprisingly, everybody has supported Shripad Naik’s proposal. Constitute government-owned Mining Corporation rather than auctioning Goa’s mines. Even those who were opposing it earlier.

06 Jun 2019

सरकारी मिना महामंडळाक कोण्ण विरोध करनात

सरकारी पावंड्यार मायनिंग महामंडळ घडोवन मीन काडपाचो श्रीपाद नायकाचो प्रस्ताव सगळ्यांनीच उखलून धल्ला. पर्यावरण मोगी तेंच मागताले.

05 Jun 2019

Mining Corporation a better choice than auction: Shripad

Union Minister for AYUSH and BJP’s North Goa MP Shripad Naik wants the Goa government to form a mining corporation rather than auction the mines, if the Centre does not agree to amend the MMDR Act.

05 Jun 2019

मिनाची पावणी करचे परस सरकारी कॉर्पोरेशन चड बरें: श्रीपाद

एमएमडीआर कायद्यांत बदल करप शक्य ना, जाल्यार मिना खणींची पावणी करचे परस सरकारान मायनिंग महामंडळ घडोवन मायनी चलोवच्यो.

20 May 2019

Mining workers up in arms as Chowgule replaces them with new workers

Workers and Chowgule management have clashed at Costi mines.

20 May 2019

खण अधिकाऱ्यांक आडायले कामगारांनी : 54 कामगारांक काडिल्ल्याची तिडक

कश्टी चौगुले खण कंपनीचें आस्थापन आनी कामगारांमदीं संघर्शाची कीट पडल्या.

19 May 2019

State govt can't give EC, can grant leases only through auction route: Environmentalist

There was a buzz after the hype of one mine being given permission to operate and environment clearances to be given at state level.

19 May 2019

सांखळे सुरू केल्ली खण बेकायदेशीरच : रमेश गांवस

एके खणीक पर्यावरणाचो पाचवो बावटो दाखोवन ती सुरू करपाक परवानगी दिल्या उपरांत तो गोंयांत चर्चेचो विशय जावन रावलो. पूण पर्यावरण चळवळींतलो एक वावुरपी रमेश गांवस म्हणटा, हें बेकायदेशीर आनी अशक्यय.

19 May 2019

Farmers block ore transportation at Mayem

Mayem and Poirem farmers blocked ore transportation trucks of Chowgule mining company.

18 May 2019

Will mining actually restart after rains? leaseholder says yes

Mining could restart in Goa as soon as within 3 months. Haresh Melwani of Nathuramal Mining company says that he will be able to get environment clearances and other permissions from the local government for his Sankhli mine by the end of monsoon.