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14 Oct 2023

Police Crack-Down on Allegedly Illegal Quarry in Bicholim || ENGLISH || GOA365

In a bid to curb illegal extraction of laterite stones in the state, Bicholim Police conducted a surprise raid at an allegedly illegal stone quarry operating inUsap village inBicholim’sLatambarcem.

30 May 2023

Police descend upon Kale village over protest on ore transportation

With mining restarted in the state, mining companies have scheduled railway wagons for transporting ore. However, locals from the Quaint village of Kale have raised concerns over dust and the dangers posts to students by the impending rise in train frequency. Police were roped into village after locals hit the streets. Here’s Prahar Savordekar with a ground report.

29 May 2023

Mining resumption runs into stormy weather\\ENGLISH

The start of mining activity in the state has started to get into controversy in Bicholim after mining workers from around the Vedanta Limited leased mine objected to the company bringing outside workers.

26 Apr 2023

HC quashes state government’s EC renewal logic; demands mining blocks obtain fresh ECs

The State Government’s plans of auctioning 3 mining blocks without the need of getting fresh Environment Clearances was quashed by the high court in a major ruling earlier today. This could effectively set back the start of mining by at least a year.

25 Mar 2023

Cong complains to vigilance that sand mining going on with connivance of officials || ENGLISH || GOA365

The Captain of the Port has gone against the High Court order and illegal sand extraction is on despite being banned, Congress has alleged. They argued that many officials were clandestinely supporting this for pecuniary benefits, demanding action that strong action be taken against those who are supporting corruption. Here ‘s more.

17 Dec 2022

Bicholim’s mining dependents seek employment, retention by companies ahead of auctions

Mining dependents from Bicholim have demanded that employment and business remain with the locals after the successful bidding of Bicholim’s mining blocks as the industry has once again breathed life. They want companies to employ existing employees and local trucks. Here’s more.

19 Nov 2022


Goa government's plea for a nil export tariff on iron ore containing less than 58 % Fe has been reviewed and granted by the central government, Chief minister Dr.Pramod Sawant said on Saturday. The removal of export duties would benefit the mining industry and the Goan economy, Sawant further added.