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21 Nov 2019

Govt will forgive road tax, restart mining by Dec: CM

The government will not charge mining vehicles road tax and the mining debt relief fund will continue, the chief Minister Pramod Sawant said after a meeting with mining stakeholders on Thursday. The chief minister also reiterated that his endeavour would be to restart mining operations by December end

19 Nov 2019

Ore transport of Vedanta to start from Mon

Bicholim truck owners have finally agreed to transport e-auctioned ore of Vedanta from Monday. But local truck owners want authorities to refrain Vedanta from transporting ore in 10 wheeler trucks till then. If not, they have threatened to stop the ore transport.

13 Nov 2019

Season’s mining transport faces roadblock over rates

The beginning of mining transport has faced a roadblock. Truckers of Bicholim have refused to transport e-auctioned ore unless the rates are revised. Since Vedanta has refused to accept their demand, they have now approached the government authorities.

13 Nov 2019

रेटी वाडोवन दिल्यो ना जाल्यार येरादारी ना : ट्रकधनयांची शिटकावणी

खण मालाची येरादारी करपी ट्रकवाले संघर्शाचे तयारेंत आसात. ट्रिपी फाटल्यान मेळपी दर वाडयले ना जाल्यार इ लिलावाच्या खण मालाची येरादारी करचे नात.

11 Nov 2019

Mining areas deprived of rightful funds, 186 Cr lying unused with Govt

It is shocking. Mineral Foundation has collected almost 187 crore rupees in last four years to help the mining-affected areas. Total 12 projects of public utility have been identified. But only one crore has been spent till date. That too only on drinking water. Which is hardly half a per cent of the total funds.

18 Oct 2019

Start mining in Goa, Sardinha tells PM

South Goa MP Francisco Sardinha said the union government has merely changed the names of schemes started by the then Congress government and presented them as if they are their own. He said he has written to the prime minister to re-start mining in Goa.

04 Oct 2019

Hopeful for solution for mining by Dec, says CM after meeting Shah in Delhi

Chief Minister Pramod Sawant has said that the solution for current mining imbroglio would be found by December, this year. He told media that he had met the Home Minister Amit Shah, the Minies Minister, Prahlad Joshi and that the Centre was working on two options to find a solution to the mining embrologio. The chief minister said that some solution would be found by December.

04 Oct 2019

डिसेंबरा मेरेन मेळूं येता खणींचेर उपाय: मुख्यमंत्री

खण प्रस्नाचेर अंदूंच्या डिसेंबरा मेरेन उपाय सोदून काडटले. मुख्यमंत्री प्रमोद सावंतान म्हटलां. तो म्हणटा, आपूण गृहमंत्री अमित शहा, खण मंत्री प्रल्हाद जोशीक वचून मेळ्ळों.

23 Sep 2019

CM, Cabral & Pauskar; Sit on fast-unto-death on mining issue

Truck owners have thrown a challenge to the Chief Minister as well as Kudchade & Sanvordem MLAs to sit on fast unto death to prove that they are genuinely interested in resolving the mining issue.

16 Sep 2019

Centre refuses to extend leases of Goa mines

The mining issue in Goa has suffered a major setback. While Goa is waiting for the centre to take a decision to restart mines, the centre has rejected a proposal to extend leases of non-captive mines beyond March next year. And in Goa, most of the mines are non-captive. Chief Minister Pramod Sawant says he needs time to study it.

16 Sep 2019

गोंयच्या मिना खणींचीं लिजां वाडोवपाक केंद्राचो न्हयकार

गोंयच्यो मिना खणी परत सुरू जातल्यो काय ना हो प्रस्न परत एक फावट वयर सल्ला.

16 Sep 2019

Mining restart in state under an even bigger cloud

The restart of mining operation in Goa might suffer a major setback as Central government has decided to reject a proposal to extend non-captive mining leases and most mining leases in Goa are non-captive. Chief Minister Pramod Sawant said that the report has just arrived and the government needed time to study it.

09 Sep 2019

PM will announce mining solution before Nov

Once again the same assurance, but this time by union minister of Mines Pralhas Joshi. During his Goa visit, he assured to come out with a workable solution to the mining imbroglio.