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22 Jun 2019

Tree collapses in Vasco, youth dies of electrocution

He was going to report for duty early in the morning but fate had other plans for him. In a tragic incident, a young boy on a two-wheeler died after a huge roadside tree collapsed at Vasco's Swatantra Path road on Saturday early morning.

16 Jun 2019

Father, son killed in road mishap at Siolim, irate local set ablaze MH car

It was a horrifying morning for the Siolkars. A family who was going to attend the feast mass of St. Anthony in Siolim lost their lives.

13 Jun 2019

Sudden exit of Goa 365 Anchor Ravindra Naik …

He was a disciplined teacher, a passionate theatre actor and a pillar of Konkani bulletin of Goa 365.

13 Jun 2019

गोवा365 अँकर रविन्द्र नायकान घेतली निमणी ऍक्झिट

शिस्तीचो शिक्षक, नाटकाचो पिसो, गोवा 365 च्या कोंकणी खबरांपत्राचो खांबो, बापायन पुताक समजावचो तश्या म्होव्या उतरांनी बातम्यो सांगत दरेका घरांतल्या फामिलीच्या काळजांत वेगळी सुवात तयार करपी फामाद न्यूज एन्कर रवींद्र नायकान बुधवारा संवसाराचे माचयेवेल्यान एक्झीट घेतली.

12 Jun 2019

Cyclone Vayu aftermath: waters rise, winds howl, rain lashes state

Even though Cyclone Vayu did not make landfall in Goa, it brought wind, rain and rising water levels.

12 Jun 2019

वायू चक्रीवादळ धुकल्लें गुजराता वटेन, पूण गोंयांत कांडलें धुमशेण

वायू चक्रीवादळाचो गोंयांत तसो व्हडलोसो परिणाम दिसून येवंक ना.

06 Jun 2019

Ardhafond bridge on NH17 damaged, vehicle falls down, bridge in danger

Blinking a red signal, a major accident has taken place on National Highway 17 in Canacona. The only bridge connecting the whole North Canara to Goa is damaged.

01 Jun 2019

4th Paroda hillock on fire, Clefacio suspects politics behind it

Once again yet another hillock of Paroda is on fire. This is the fourth time. The miscreants are still not arrested. Locals are worried about the rich vegetation as well as animals.

01 Jun 2019

पाड्डेंच्या चवथ्या दोंगराक उजो, आमदार म्हणटा हें थळाव्यांचें कारस्थान

पाड्ड्यां आनीक एका दोंगराक उजो लागलो. ही आतां चवथी खेप. पूण अजूनमेरेन हो उजो लायतल्यांचेर कांयच कारवाय जाल्ली ना. थळाव्या लोकांक हुस्को जाला तो दोंगरावेल्या झाडांचो आऩी जनावरांचो.

24 May 2019

Tree branch collapses, 2 shops damaged

A huge peepal Tree branch collapsed in Vasco On Thursday night. This damaged two shop and electrical poles. Luckily a major tragedy was averted as the huge branch came crashing on the road and there was no loss of life on the busy road.

24 May 2019

Navelkars raise ire over overspeeding buses along Margao-Cancona highway

Navelkars have demanded with RTO to act strict against the passengers buses racing on the highway. Locals complained that buses are seen overtaking each other at high speeds on along the Margao-Cancona highway. Some people have luckily escape from tragedy and some have landed in hospital due these buses.

22 May 2019

Huge traffic jam on Chorla ghat as accident blocks road

Goan roads are still very dangerous to travel on. And now they are getting so crowded as in case there is a slight blockage, it leads to huge traffic jams.

14 May 2019

2 Baina vegy shops gutted in fire

Two vegetable shops at Baina, Vasco were burnt to ash in a fire at midnight on Monday.