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16 Feb 2024

Delhi CM Announces Financial Aid Following Devastating Alipur Fire Which Killed 11

Following the tragic incident, wherein a massive fire engulfed paint and chemical godowns in outer Delhi's Alipur, Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal announced a slew of government aid for those affected. The fire which broke out yesterday evening claimed the lives of 11 people and left four injured. Here's the latest on this devastating incident.

15 Feb 2024

Container Truck Topples Over on National Highway in Pernem

A container truck transporting A.C.’s toppled over on the National Highway in Pernem during the wee hours of Friday. The driver allegedly lost control of the heavy vehicle when it toppled over. Fortunately, there were no other vehicles or people nearby, so a major tragedy was averted. Here’s more from our reporter Sandeep Kamulkar.

02 Feb 2024

Car and Bike Gutted in Navelim Fire || ENGLISH || GOA365

A car and a bike were gutted in a major fire at Navelim’sDongirim area earlier today. While no injuries were reported, the owners say they have faced a loss of about 15 to 20 lakhs. Fire officer Herculean Gil Souza, who responded to the call, gave further details.

02 Feb 2024

Gas Explosion Shakes Nairobi, At least 2 killed, Scores Injured

A gas explosion occurred in Kenya’s capital, Nairobi, at around 11:30pm on Thursday resulting in the death of at least 2 people and injuring hundreds others. The explosion was reportedly caused by a truck loaded with gas, causing extensive damage to the surrounding area, with the plume of smoke visible from miles away.

31 Jan 2024

300 Tourists Trapped in Himachal’s Atal Tunnel After Heavy Snowfall rescued:

In a daring rescue operation, Himachal Pradesh Police came to the aid of 300 stranded tourists near the Atal Tunnel in Rohtang after heavy snowfall. approximately 50 vehicles and an HRTC bus found themselves stuck near the South Portal of the Atal Tunnel.

28 Jan 2024

Accident Involving 6 Vehicles Sparks Chaos at Mapusa’s Peddem Junction

Chaos unfolded at the notorious Peddem junction in Mapusa involving more than six vehicles, including two trucks, a tanker, and three scooters. While some labeled it a freak accident, many argue that such an incident was inevitable, considering that the hazardous junction lacks traffic signals, a flyover, or any police management. Here’s our reporter NitikshaGoankar from the scene of the accident.

26 Jan 2024

Speeding Rent-A-Car Plows into School Compound Wall in Anjuna, 3 Injured || ENGLISH || GOA365

A speeding rent-a-car crashed into the compound wall of a school in Anjuna at around 7 am on Friday after the driver lost control of the vehicle. On impact, a portion of the wall collapsed and the car turned turtle.

23 Jan 2024

Myanmar Aircraft Snaps in Two After Skidding Off Mizoram Airport

Our next story takes us to the northeastern state of Mizoram, where a Myanmar military aircraft encountered a mishap during a mission to airlift army personnel who had sought refuge in India. Here are the details.

21 Jan 2024


A private jet carrying six people reportedly crashed in a remote area of rural Afghanistan, according to local authorities. The crash occurred in a mountainous area near Afghanistan’s Zebak district in Badakhshan Province, 250 kms northeast of Kabul, the capital city.

14 Jan 2024

3 Accidents In 3 Days Along NH66 Near Agacaim; Alarming Trend of Goan Roads

The streak of accidents on Goa's roads continues to show no signs of letdown, putting lives at risk on the state's highways. Over three consecutive days, three accidents unfolded along the NH 66 near Bambolim-Agacaim, highlighting the ongoing road safety concerns. Vincent Rosario brings you the details of this concerning trend.