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22 Sep 2020

Truck overspeeds, bangs into a house in Guirim

One part of the house in Guirim near the NH17 was damaged after a truck rammed into it on Tuesday morning. The truck driver and conductor have been arrested by the police. No causalities were reported.

22 Sep 2020

ट्रक घुसलो पर्वरी गिरीच्या घरांत : घरांतलें जोडपें भायर आशिल्ल्यान वाटावलें

मंगळारा सकाळीं पर्वरी गिरीच्या एका घरांत एक ट्रक घुसलो.

22 Sep 2020

Pharmacy in Sankhali gutted into fire

In a tragic incident, a pharmacy in Sankhali was gutted in a fire on Tuesday early morning. Fire officials the fire could have started due to a short circuit.

21 Sep 2020

Car partially submurge in floods in Paroda, locals rescue occupants

A couple from Gudi Pardo leave towards Quepem in a car. Paroda bridge is completely submerged due to floods. Still the car goes ahead in the water. People start cautioning the couple but still car paves way ahead.

21 Sep 2020

पाड्डेंचो पूल अंदूय गेलो उदका पोंदा : कारी सकट बुडटां बुडटां वाटावलें आंबावलीचें जोडपें

एके फोर व्हीलरींतल्यान घोव आनी बायल गुडी पारोडें सावन केप्यां वचपाक वतात. पाड्ड्यां पुला कडेन पावतात. थंय हुंवार येयला. अख्खो रस्तो उदका पोंदा गेला. पुलाचेरय उदक भरलां. तरिकय ही कार फुडें फुडें वयता.

20 Sep 2020

Accident at Margao: Huge pipes damages vehicle, Traffic jammed

An huge accident happened at Gogol - Margao on Saturday evening. A passengers of the car travelling on that road had a proverbial escape after huge pipes crashed into it from behind. Luckily there were no casualties. This visuals went viral on social media, with watchers questioning the authorities and transport department on how this type of transportation was being allowed by them when it was illegal and obviously dangerous

15 Sep 2020

Professor suicide: Family suspects foul play, file complaint

Our brother cannot commit suicide. The murder angle should be looked at, says family of Goa University professor Vishal Chari who was found hanging in the woods of Chadreshwar Parvat in Paroda. Family suspects foul play and want police in depth investigation in his death. They have filed a police complaint on the issue

14 Sep 2020

Police bandobast in Margao should remain continue: Margaoits

Margaoits and traders from Margao are glad about the deployment of armed police force in Margao market.

09 Sep 2020

Fire personnel rescue two boys from Valvanti river

Two boys who had gone for swimming in Valvanti River in Bicholim nearly got drowned on Tuesday. They were saved by fire personnel .

04 Sep 2020

Police gets lucky, car catches fire on road

It was a lucky escape for a policeman after his car caught fire while he was driving. Rohan Naik attached to Colva police station was going home from work when he saw a red light flashing on his dash board. He quickly got out. He saw smoke coming out and the car burst into flames.

04 Sep 2020

कारीक उजो : पुलीस वाटावलो मरणांतल्यान

सिनेमांत पळोवपाक मेळटा तसो बर्नींग कार सीन शुक्रारा पळोवपाक मेळ्ळो.

03 Sep 2020

Reactions pour in as Margao murder news seeps in

The politics is now heating up over the Margao murder. Government is being condemned as law and order is going out of hand in Goa.

03 Sep 2020

मडगांवचें खून प्रकरण : सरकाराचे कार्यक्षमतेचेर टिका; दिगंबर समर्थकय खुबळ्ळ्यात

बुधवारा दिसाउजवाडा मडगांवां खून जाल्ल्या शेटीच्या मरणा वयल्यान आतां राजकारण तापपाक लागलां.

26 Aug 2020

Accident in Pernem: Bike rider bangs into a pedestrian

Two persons were grievously injured after a bike rider crashed into a pedestrian at Agarwada in Pernem on Tuesday evening. Both the injured persons have been admitted at the Siolim primary health centre. Here's more.