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04 Oct 2021

Lighting strikes St. Lawrence Church, tower destroyed

A tower of the St. Lawrence Church in Sinquerim has collapsed after being struck by lightning. The structure has faced a lot of damage, including having developed cracks along its walls

04 Oct 2021

कांदोळचे सेंट लॉरेन्स चर्चीचेर वीज पडून कोंसळ्ळो टॉवर

सिकेरी कांदोळेचे सेंट लॉरेन्स चर्चीचेर वीज पडून इगर्जेचो एक टॉवर कोंसळून पडलो.

20 Sep 2021

Couple from Pune dies after car falls in river at Arpora

A couple from Pune drowned after their car plunged into a river at Arpora.

02 Sep 2021

1 killed after bike hits car at Nuvem

One Francis Rodrigues was killed after his bike hit a car at Nuvem.

25 Aug 2021

Youth looses life after his bike hit tree while avoiding roadside cattle

Stray cattle contioue to claim lives of motorists as a young man from Paroda, Joaquim Rodrigues, is the latest tragedy.

25 Aug 2021

रस्ताद गोरवांनी घेतलो तरनाट्याचो बळी : वेरोड्यां अपघात

रस्ताद भोंवप गोरवांनी आतां मनशांचे बळी घेवपाक सुरवात केल्या.

24 Aug 2021

Speeding bus flips on its side at Borim, one serious

A Mumbai-Goa interstate passenger bus met with an accident at Bythokol in Borim.

09 Aug 2021

2 injured after hitting a cow

Save lives of people by controlling stray cattle and dogs. Also punish those who leave their cattles on streets, irate Ponda locals demanded from the government.

30 Jul 2021

No confidence motion held outside panchayat ghar as police lock office

Heavy drama was witnessed during voting out Siridao-Pale Sarpanch Jagdish Gauns through a no-confidence motion on Friday. Police locked the panchayat house citing theft as a result voting on no-confidence motion was taken outside the panchayat. The topic also came for discussion in the assembly.

28 Jul 2021

Bhamoi, Pali locals yet to recover from floods

Bhamoi and Pali locals are yet to recover from the recent floods. They say that they tried to save whatever they could as the water reached knee height. But their efforts were in vain. And even their crucial documents were washed away.

28 Jul 2021

संवसार सांवरपी कागदांय गेलीं व्हांवून : भामय, पाळयेकारांचें आक्रंदन

बिरेस्तारच्या हुंवारान दिल्ल्या धपक्यांतल्यान भामय आनी पाळयेचे लोक सांवरपाक सोदतात. धोंपरभर उदकांतल्यान तांणी हातीक मेळटा तें आंनी एकामेकांक वाटावपाचो यत्न केलो. पूण उतरां पावलाक जांची गरज पडटा तीं म्हत्वाचीं कागदपत्रां मात व्हांवून गेलीं. देखून तांणी सरकारी मजतीची अपेक्षा दवरल्या.

24 Jul 2021

CM,dep CM visits flood affected areas; promises aid

Normal lives were disrupted in Goa due to heavy rains on Thursday. Thousands of people were displaced and hectares and hectares of agriculture after Goa witnessed its worst and most widespread floods in nearly four decades.

24 Jul 2021

चवगांचे बळी, पांचशें कोटींची लुकसाण : मुख्यमंत्र्याची हुंवार पिडेस्त वाठारांक भेट

बिरेस्तारच्या पावसाच्या सांवारा उपरांत गोंयकारांची जीण थतर वितर जाली.

22 Jul 2021

Inseccant rains disrupts Konkan Railway & Mumbai-Goa highway

Atleast 5,000 passengers were stranded after train services on the Konkan Railway route in Maharashtra's Ratnagiri district were suspended on Thursday.

22 Jul 2021

शेजराक पावसाचो सांवार : रेल्वे बंद, आडखले पांच हजार प्रवासी!

महाराष्ट्राच्या रत्नागिरी जिल्ल्यांतल्या कोंकण रेल्वे मार्गावयली रेल्वे सेवा बिरेस्तारा बंद करची पडली.