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19 Aug 2018

Congress party condoles Vajpayee’s death

Goa Pradesh Congress Committee organized a meeting to condole the death of Former PM of India Atal Bihari Vajpayee at its office in Panaji on Sunday.

19 Aug 2018

#GoaForKerala campaign kickstarts

Nature’s fury has taken over Kerala. About 357 people have died and lakhs have been relocated to relief camps.

16 Aug 2018

Fatal Accident in Curchorem, one dies

One person was killed on the spot in a 5 car collision at Curchorem on Thursday evening . The other 5 vehicles were also damaged.

02 Aug 2018

Mapusa fatal accident: 2 killed, one critical

In tragic accident that took place near the Mapusa bus stand on Thursday afternoon, mother & child died on the spot.

02 Aug 2018

म्हापश्यां भिरांकूळ अपघात

म्हापशें बस स्टेंडा लागसार ब्रेस्तारा दनपारां एक भिरांकूळ अपघात जावन आवय आनी ल्हान भुरग्याक आक्ताक मरण आयलें. लायटीचे खामे घेवोन वचपी गाडयेक तांची स्कूटर आपटली. तांचो मांव स्कूटर चलयतालो.

28 Jul 2018

One dies as canoe capsizes off Vasco coast

One fisherman drowned after a canoe capsized at sea on Saturday early morning, while 8 others were rescued.

28 Jul 2018

बायणा पनेळ उमथून एकल्याक मरण

शेनवारा सकाळीं एक पनेळ उमथल्ल्यान एका नुस्तेंकाराक मरण आयलें जाल्यार 8 जाणांक सोदपाक येस मेळ्ळां. तातूंतल्या दोगांची भलायकी सामकीच बरी ना. शेनवारा सकाळीं बायणांतले 8 नुस्तेंकार बायणा नुस्तें मारपाक गेल्लें. पळोवया पुराय खबर.

23 Jul 2018

Vasco: 6-year-old student succumbs to Dengue

6-year from Regina Mundi school has succumbed to dengue in Vasco.

20 Jul 2018

20 Jul 2018

फोंड्यां दोन अपघात : एकल्याक मरण, एक जखमी

उसगांवां आनी मंगेशी जंक्शनार जाल्ल्या अपघातांत एकाक मरण आयलें तर दुसऱ्याक बरोच मार लागला. उसगांवां ट्रक आनी स्कुटरींत जाल्ल्या अपघातांत स्कूटर चालोवपी शिवदास गावडेक मरण आयलें. जाल्यार मंगेशी जंक्शनार जाल्ल्या अपघातांत अरुण प्रियोळकाराक बरोच मार लागला.

11 Jul 2018

Vasco: Mudhill under footbridge connecting Rly stn collapses

The foot-over bridge connecting Driver’s Hill to Vasco da Gama Railway Station collapsed leading to panic among those who regularly use the brige.

10 Jul 2018

2 hurt in truck-car bust up

Two persons were injured after a truck smashed into their car on national Highway 17 at Guirim.

09 Jul 2018

Animal Man conflict: Girl killed after hitting Bison

In a tragic incident at Guleli, Sattari a 23 year old girl Pujan Melekar was killed after a Bison hit her while she was riding her bike.