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29 Jun 2020

Vasco fishing community celebrate St Peter's feast

The feast of Saint Peter, the patron saint of the fishing community, was celebrated in Vasco on Monday with religious fervour and gaiety. On the occasion, the parish priest of Our Lady of Desterro church blessed the sea and the fishing canoes.

31 May 2020

Purumentache Fest in Margao, Panaji

Purumentache Fest in Margao, Panaji

29 Apr 2020

Old Goa Basilica repair works will be completed on priority: CM Sawant

CM Sawant visited Basilica of Bom Jesus to inspect the ongoing work of the Archaeological Survey of India on Wed. Assures to hold a meeting with all concerned officials to address issues related to the conservation work of the heritage monument. Watch.

26 Apr 2020

Flower vendors in distress as Lairai jatra stands cancel

The jatras in Goa have cancelled due to nationwide lockdown to combat corona virus. This has severally affected local flower vendors. They complain that they would face even bigger loss as Shirgao Lairai jatra has been cancelled.

26 Apr 2020

लयराईची जात्राय रद्द : बावून गेली फुलकारांची आस्त

कोरोना व्हायरसाच्या सांवाराक लागून गोंयांतले सगळ्या धर्मियांचे उत्सव रद्द करचे पडले.

19 Mar 2020

No attending Mass, attend only if necessary: Bishop Filip Neri

Another Fresh Church advisory was out on Thursday. The Bishop has issued advisory to the faithfuls, stating strictly not to attended mass or visit the church if its not necessary. All children and elders above 60 years should refrain from visiting the church and gathering. Even no gathering for funeral or marriages.

15 Mar 2020

Bishop on Global threat Coronavirus, urges people to begin prays

Now the Church also announce advisory to the public over the Coronavirus threat. On Sunday a circular was passed after India Bishop's Conference. It issues advisory not to attend any public function including Mass, if any person has come in contact with Corona patient. Also not to shake hands but greet with Namaste, receive Holy Communion in hand, not to kiss the Cross on Good Friday.

15 Mar 2020

बिशपानय घेतली कोरोनाची दखल ; गरजेची जतनाय घेवपाचो उलो

कोरोना व्हायरसाचेर जतनाय घेवपाचो उलो आतां चर्चिनय मारला.

10 Mar 2020

23 years later Sankhali Keri unites to celebrate HOLI

After 22 year the people of Keri Sankhali celebrated the festival of colours Holi. Due to various factors and reason this celebration was not celebrated by the locals. But on this year Ajoba Santeri Devasthan celebrated Holi and Shigmo. Whole Village celebrated the festival in unity.

10 Mar 2020

केरये घुमले खोशयेचे धोल : 23 वर्सां उपरांत जाली उबी होळयेची माडी

सांखळी केरीच्या लोकांनी 23 वर्सां उपरांत होळयेचो सुखद अणभव घेतलो.

10 Mar 2020

Goa celebrated Holi without Coronavirus fear

CoronaVirus had created panic and fear across the state over meeting in public, but the festival of Colours- Holi united all. On Tuesday, without any fear people across the state celebrated Holi. However the health ministry and other officials had alert the people to refrain from meeting and be alert, but the people were seen singing and happily applying colour to eachother by say holi re holi, happy Holi.

10 Mar 2020

कोरोना व्हायरसाचेर आडनदर करत गोंयकारांनी फुलयली होळी!

कोरोना व्हायरसान गोंयकारांक भेश्टायिल्लो.

10 Mar 2020

7 deadly sins, Lenten reflection

Siolim Deanery Parish Youth, organized an spiritually rich lenten reflection through their musical show "Be Redeemed in Assagao on Monday. This show showcased the reality of 7 Deadly Sins in ones day to day life. This program was held at the St. Cajetan Church in Assagao.

26 Feb 2020

40 days for fasting & repentacnce begins on Ash Wed

Ash Wednesday was observed all over the state to mark the beginning of 40 days of lent. A period of fasting and repentance for Christians. On this day, Ash is applied to the forehead of the faithful during the Eucharistic celebration.

26 Feb 2020

कार्निवाल उलगलो, एश वेनस्डेय उमेदीन

कॉरेज्माच्या सुरवातीचो एश वॅनस डे बुधवारा व्हडा उमेदीन मनयलो.