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03 Mar 2021

Goa is kicking into festive mood of Shigmo. An Intruz festival, a part of Shigmo was held at Dongri.

Intruz is five days long festival which is being celebrated in Dongri, Tiswadi. Various programs will be held on the occasion. On Wednesday Romatamel was held. An unique Romtamel is held during the Intruz, an exclusive to Dongri. A palanquin procession is also carried out on the occasion. The Intruz concludes after Gulal festival. Ramrao Wagh gave details.

03 Mar 2021

Babreshwar jatra celebrated at Calangute beach

Lord Babreshwar Jatra was celebrated along Calangute beach with devotion and religious fervour. This Jatra is famous as Kelyanchi Jatra all over Goa.

07 Feb 2021

Our Lady of Victory feast celebrated

The feast of our Chapel of Our Lady of Victory, Maquinez Palace, Old GMC Complex was celebrated on Sunday.

02 Feb 2021

Cuncolkars celebrate village feast

The feast Our Lady of Health was celebrated in Cuncolim on Thursday. A large number of devotees participated in the feast mass.

02 Feb 2021

कुंकळे अवर लेडी ऑफ हॅल्थाचें फेस्त उमेदीन

कुंकळे बिरेस्तारा अवर लेडी ऑफ हॅल्थाचें फेस्त व्हडा उमेदीन मनयलें.

16 Jan 2021

Walking pilgrimage at Sancoale on first Sunday of Lent with SOPs -Goa Archbishop

Goa celebrated the feast of St Joseph Vaz on Saturday. Archbishop Rev Filip Neri Ferrao said that the customary walking pilgrimage will take place on the first Sunday of Lent. And this time due to the Corona virus, SOPs will be strictly followed. The Archbishop was the main celebrant at the feast mass held at Old church of the Lady of Health in Sancoale.

06 Jan 2021

Three Kings Feast celebrated with pomp, gaiety and safety precautions

The famous Three Kings Feast was celebrated with pomp and gaiety following all coronavirus safety norms at Arrosim, Cansaulim.

06 Jan 2021

शिस्तींत जालें कांसावलेचें फामाद थ्री किंग्स फेस्त

आरोशी कांसावलेचें फामाद थ्री किंग्स पारंपारीक फेस्त भाविकांनी कोरोनाचे फाटभुंयेर गरजेची जतनाय घेत, पूण व्हडा उमेदीन मनयलें.

13 Dec 2020

Cong should stop playing politics over Haaj pilgrims: All India Haaj Committee

The All India Haaj Committee has attacked the Congress, alleging that it is playing politics over religion and misguiding people. He said that Dabolim would re restored as a point from which people can fly for the Haaj pilgrimage

03 Dec 2020

St Xaviers feast St Xaviers feast celebrated

The feast of St Francis Xavier was celebrated under the shadow of the covid 19 virus this year. Most of the people heard the feast mass on line, though there were pilgrims who still came to Old Goa.

03 Dec 2020

व्हडल्या सायबाचें फॅस्ट अंदूं कोरोनाचे सांवळेंत

फकत गोंयांतच न्हू, जाल्यार संवसारभर फामाद आशिल्लें पोरण्या गोंयचें सेंट फ्रांसिस झेवियराचें फॅस्त अंदूं कोरोनाचे सावळेंत मनोवचें पडलें.

02 Dec 2020

Boa Feast, Goencho saib feast preps, SOPs set

Special arrangements have been put in place for the big feast of St. Francis Xavier on Thursday. This time the faithful's will not be allowed to attend the Eucharistic celebration but will be allowed to kiss the relics of the saint, the church will be kept open from 5 in the morning.

02 Dec 2020

सायबाच्या फेस्ता खातीर गोंय तयार : बिरेस्तारा सकाळीं 5 सावन उक्ती जातली चर्च

बिरेस्तारा जातल्या व्हडल्या सायबाच्या म्हटल्यार सेंट फ्रांसिस झेवियराच्या फेस्ता खातीर खाशेली तयारी केल्या.

28 Nov 2020

Lowkey Hari Mandir Dindi celebrated

Margao dindi began with various religious program in Hari Mandir. However, restrictions have been put on public programs and it is compulsory to follow all government protocols.