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28 Nov 2020

Lowkey Hari Mandir Dindi celebrated

Margao dindi began with various religious program in Hari Mandir. However, restrictions have been put on public programs and it is compulsory to follow all government protocols.

14 Nov 2020

Muslims pained as Dabolim Airport removed as embarkation point for Haj Pilgrimage

The Muslim community in the port town are upset after Dabolim Airport was recently removed as embarkation point for the Haj Pilgrimage. Social worker Riyaz Qadri said the Dabolim airport catered to Muslims not only from Goa but also from neighbourhood states as well.

10 Nov 2020

Traditional clay lamps unsold, New lights lite for Diwali: Traditional clay lamp makers

Has new technology replaced the old traditional ways? As today, the traditional businesses claim that the new technology has affected them.

12 Oct 2020

Fama of Infant Jesus at Colva celebrated with social distancing

Under the shadow of Covid19 celebrations have begun in Colva. On Monday Colvakars celebrated the Fama of the feast of Infant Jesus. For the first time this fama, at which the turnout is from all over the state, was celebrated without crowd and by maintaining social distancing.

25 Aug 2020

Corona didn't spoil youth's creativity of this year's Chovoth

Adpai Chovoth is famous for floats and dindi. However, this year Adpaikars didn't carry out floats and dindi following rules and norms laid by the government due to coronavirus.

24 Aug 2020

Mayem's Dessai-Degwekar family potray anti-corona 'Dekahava' for Chovoth

Anti covid-19 'Dekhavas' was the attraction of chovoth in Mayem.

24 Aug 2020

मयेंच्या देसाय-डेगवेकार फॅमिलीचो अंदूं कोवीड-19 च्या विरोधांत देखाव

मयां चवथीचें अंदूंचें आकर्शण आसलें कोवीड-19 च्या विरोधांतल्या झुजाचो देखाव.

23 Aug 2020

Goans bid adieus to 1 & half day Ganesh

The one and half days Ganesh Idols was immersed under corona shadow.

22 Aug 2020

Low key, but hi tech Chovot celebrated throughout state

Today is Chovoth. This is as per Hindu calendar. On Saturday pujas of Lord Ganesh were performed in all Hindu household, across the state throughout the state. However, this time the festivities are muted due to the instructions of the government asking to martian social distancing and not gather in numbers.

11 Aug 2020

Mapusa municipality prepares road plan to celebrate Chovoth

This year Chovoth will be celebrated amid rising cases of coronavirus in Goa.

11 Aug 2020

Corona didn't let people enthusaim spoil celebrations of Krishna Jalmashtami

Gokulashtami was also celebrated under corona shadow like other festival. But the corona didn't let spoil people's enthusiasm to celebrate this festival.

11 Aug 2020

मोरे बन्सी बजैय्या, नंदलाला कन्हय्या...! : गोंय कुळांत नाचलीं राधा-कन्हय्या!

हेर उत्सवां प्रमाण गोकुळाष्टमीचेरय कोरोनाचो प्रभाव दिसून आयलो.