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08 Feb 2019

Goa Miles app based taxi is 6 months old

Goa miles, the tourism departments taxi app is 6 months old on Friday. The department said that there are more than 1000 taxis who have registered with the app and there have been over 1,85,000 downloads of the app on both Ios and android within this time.

30 Jan 2019

Azgaonkar queried on beach cleaning tenders

Opposition attacked the Tourism Minister Babu Azgaonkar on the beach cleaning issue.

27 Jan 2019

Fines upto 10k on tourist cooking in open: Babu

Tourism Minister Babu azgaonkar said that fines will be issued towards tourist who are seen cooking in open at public places in Goa.

17 Jan 2019

Redraft Tourism Master Plan, take people into confidence: Reginaldo

Curtorim MLA, Reginaldo Lourenco has criticised the Tourism Master plan and tourism Policy 2018.

11 Jan 2019

TTAG says tourism on decline in state, suggests ways to revive trade

Tourist arrivals in the state are on the decline. This is official and confirmed by the Tourism and Travel Association of Goa.

11 Jan 2019

सरकाराचें सहकार्य मेळनाशिल्ल्यान पर्यटन सुक्यार : साव्हियो मेसियस

सद्याक पर्यटकांनी गोंयाकडे फाट केल्या. गोंय पर्यटक संघटनेन अधिकृतपणान हे मान्य केलां.

04 Jan 2019

Book online & visit Goa Raj Bhavan any day

Good news for Goans, especially students as well as the tourists.

04 Jan 2019

आता राजभवन 365 दिसय लोकांखातीर आसतले उक्ते

एक खोशयेची खबर. चड करून विद्यार्थ्यांक आनी पर्यटकांक. गोंयच्या राज्यपालाचे निवास स्थान राजभवन वर्साचे 365 दिसूय लोका खातीर उक्ते आसतले.

02 Jan 2019

Liquor bottles on beaches; Michael wants Chintan Baithak

Rowdysm of tourists is on rise on Goan beaches. Especially those who drink liquor. Consuming alcohol in public is banned in the state.

01 Jan 2019

GPS, taxi meters to be made compulsory from March

Speed Governors, GPS and high security number plates would be now compulsory in Goa from March.

01 Jan 2019

Why Goa reported less tourists this season?

The New Year is over. And also the peak season of Goa.

31 Dec 2018

Why no tourists in Colva this year?

Tourism Minister Babu Azgaonkar lives in Madgao. But South Goa’s prime beach of Colva is crying for tourists even on 31st December.

31 Dec 2018

कोलवा दर्यावेळेकडेन पर्यटकांची फाट

पर्यटन मंत्री बाबू आजगांवकार मडगांवां रावता. अशें आसूनय दक्षिण गोंयचे फामाद दर्यावेळेर पर्यटकच नात. तेय बी 31 डिसेंबराक. देशी, विदेशी पर्यटक उत्तर गोंयांकडेन लोटल्यात, तर दक्षिण गोंया पर्यटन मोसम सुक्यार पडला. खास करून कोलवा दर्या वेळ.