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21 Aug 2019

Central funds to come, Touristic places to be beautified: Sopte

Centre will give around 1500 crore rupees for tourism in the state. The Goa Tourism Development Corporation Chairman Dayanand Sopte said that famous heritage sites, monuments, beaches, and touristic places will be developed and restored. And this will help to boost the tourism industry as it would ensure that more tourist would visit the state.

20 Aug 2019

Govt to go strict on rent vehicle owners, harassing tourist at airport

The Government plans to go strict on the Rent-a-cab and Rent-a-bike owners if they are found harassing and obstructing traffic and tourists on roads, especially at airports.

15 Aug 2019

Declining foreign tourist numbers need to be addressed: Mauvin

We are getting priced out of the market. We need to rectify that if we want to correct the trend of decreasing charter and foreign tourist. Only taxi drivers are not to be blamed for over pricing, the Transport Minister Mauvin Godinho sounded this warning on Independence day.

09 Aug 2019

All taxis on the road & Goa Miles to continue

It’s all over. One by one, all the taxi operators’s associations have called off their indefinite strike. The last was North Goa who called it off on Friday. That too without Goa Miles App being scrapped. This is the first victory of Dr Pramod Sawant after taking over as the chief minister. While Goa miles is firm on their stand that they will drop at hotel, and if booked will pickup at hotel too .

09 Aug 2019

Cancel licences of sublet shacks: Shack body

All Goa Shack Owners Society has requested the government to grant shack licenses early. The society feels this will help them attract tourists to Goa. The society also wanted licenses of sublet shacks be canceled as they bring disrepute to other shack owners.

08 Aug 2019

Taxi operators united? Yellow black & South taxis withdraws strike, North Goa continues

On Wednesday it was the Yellow and black taxis that ended their strike and came back on the roads. And on Thursday, it was the South Goa Taxi operators, who met the CM, ended their strike and are back on the roads. But North Goa operators are still on strike. The Chief Minister is however positive that all taxis will start operating once again by Friday morning. He is confident that everything is sorted.

06 Aug 2019

Goa miles celebrates 1 yr, in midst Taxi operators off road

As the section of the Local taxi operators continue to remain off the road for the 4 th consecutive day, the App based taxi service Goa Miles celebrated its 1st birthday on Tuesday. Local taxi operators are still adamant to stay off the roads demanding scrapping of Goa Miles App. Even as the Government is making all arrangement to cater the tourist and locals in the state.

05 Aug 2019

What's next? Taxi still off roads, violence on the rise

Taxi strike is till on. A section of Taxi owners is still adamant. However, it looks as if ivic soceity and public opinion is slowly veering toward the government on this issue. Looks as if these taxi owners are getting desperate and taking law in their own hands.

02 Aug 2019

Tourists stranded as section of Taxis stay off roads

A section of Tourist Taxis stayed off the rods today leaving the tourists stranded and the government scrambling. Thy were demanding the scrapping of the Goa Miles app. The Chief Minster appealing for sense to prevail told striking taxi drivers to start their own app from Friday and the government would back it and ensure its implementation.

02 Aug 2019

टॅक्सीवाल्यांच्या कोफुसांवांत पर्यटकांची धांदळ

टुरिस्ट टॅक्सीवाले अचानक संपार गेल्ल्यान गोंयभर पर्यटक आडखून पडले. टॅक्सीवाल्यांचे ताठर भुमिकेचेर सरकारान नमळायेची भूमिका घेतल्या.

31 Jul 2019

CRZ NOC issues will be solved once CZMP comes into force: CM

The Coastal Zonal Management Plan plan will boost tourism infrastructure in coastal areas. At present, Tourism department faces big hurdles as sometimes Coastal Regulatory Zone do not give No Objection Certificate for the project. The process to get the NOC will be smooth once the CZMP is ready, Chief Minister Pramod Sawant told the house during question hour.