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14 Oct 2018

No drugs in your restaurant, tourism minister tells his son

Tourism minister Babu Azgaonkar told his son not to allow drugs in his restaurant.

11 Oct 2018

Cyclone Luban shakes coastal Goa before moving away; MET dept says no danger

The Tourism department was forced to issue a advisory to tourists: Do not venture into the sea till Sunday the 14th. The MET department has also advised Goan fisherman not to venture into the high seas.

05 Oct 2018

We are ready for tourist season: minister

The tourism minister Babu Azgaokar said that all arrangements have been made for tourists in the state.

04 Oct 2018

Airport parking issue to be solved on priority, Says Mauvin

A special meeting to resolve the parking issues at the Dabolim International airport was held on Thursday.

04 Oct 2018

522 Russians arrive in Goa on 1st charter flight

The 1st chartered flight of this tourist season arrived from Russia at 5 in the morning on Thursday.

03 Oct 2018

1st tourist charter flight of the season to arrive on Thursday

Goa is all set to usher in new tourist charter season from Thursday when the first chartered flight from Russia will land at Dabolim international airport in the coastal state.

14 Aug 2018

App or no app – that is the question

The GOAMILES Taxi App has just been launched.

26 Jun 2018

GTDC’s Taxi App ‘GOAMILES’ starts next month

There is a ray of hope for tourists vis a vis taxis.

01 Jun 2018

Babu refutes US tour criticism

Tourism Minister Babu Azgaonkar on  Friday refuted allegations  made by the Congress Party on the recently held road shows in the United States saying that participation at international Trade Fairs and organizing of international roadshows is important for the promotion of Goa Tourism internationally.

22 May 2018

Casinos brings state revenue or affects public morality?

Casinos have become a part of the landscape of the capital Panaji.

22 May 2018

पणजेचे मांडवी न्हंयेंतले कसिनो आतां उदकांतल्यान भायर सरून रस्त्यार लोकांक त्रास दिवपाक लागल्यात. कसिनो जाय म्हणपी म्हणटात ताका लागून सरकाराची येणावळ वाडटा आनी तरणाट्यांक नोकऱ्यो मेळटात.