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14 Aug 2018

App or no app – that is the question

The GOAMILES Taxi App has just been launched.

26 Jun 2018

GTDC’s Taxi App ‘GOAMILES’ starts next month

There is a ray of hope for tourists vis a vis taxis.

01 Jun 2018

Babu refutes US tour criticism

Tourism Minister Babu Azgaonkar on  Friday refuted allegations  made by the Congress Party on the recently held road shows in the United States saying that participation at international Trade Fairs and organizing of international roadshows is important for the promotion of Goa Tourism internationally.

22 May 2018

Casinos brings state revenue or affects public morality?

Casinos have become a part of the landscape of the capital Panaji.

22 May 2018

पणजेचे मांडवी न्हंयेंतले कसिनो आतां उदकांतल्यान भायर सरून रस्त्यार लोकांक त्रास दिवपाक लागल्यात. कसिनो जाय म्हणपी म्हणटात ताका लागून सरकाराची येणावळ वाडटा आनी तरणाट्यांक नोकऱ्यो मेळटात.

20 May 2018

Congress demands inquiry into tourism delegation to US

The Congress party on Sunday demanded an inquiry into the tourism department’s week-long United States tour.

02 May 2018

Tourism stakeholders upset over Daboli restricted flights

Now that mining is under a major cloud, tourism is the mainstay of the Goan economy.

14 Apr 2018

Agriculture & Tourism an alternative to mining: Vijai

TCP minister Vijai Sardessai has urged the mining dependents not to lose hope instead opt for an alternative source of income like Agriculture or tourism.

15 Feb 2018

Don’t call tourists scum on the earth, don’t make Goa scum on the earth

Rather than blaming the tourists as scum, it is felt that Goa government should strengthen the infrastructural facilities and enforce the laws to provide clean environment in Goa. This was the conclusion at Rannmalem debate held on Goa365.

15 Feb 2018

Tourists to increase, but discipline still an issue

While the Chief Minister says that we can and will accommodate 15 million tourists within the next couple of years, he acknowledges that Goa must provide better infrastructure to those who visit the state.

08 Jan 2018

Do our travel operators need to brush up their history lessons?

Perhaps the cruise operators need to brush up their history lessons.