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26 Mar 2021

Hope of cruise tourism dashed as Norwegian cruise ship offloads 502 seafarers at Goa

Future of cruise tourism appears bleak as a fresh set of seafarers was offloaded at Goa port on Thursday.

24 Jan 2021

Despite govt promises people still cooking, eating on streets

It's weekend. Goa is crowded with tourists. However, there is quantity but no quality tourists.

04 Jan 2021

Coal, as well as cruise terminals, ropeway on MPT agenda says Chairman

The MPT chairman Dr E Ramesh Kumar did not seem to be very much in the know of the chief ministers repeated assertions that coal handling from MPT would be reduced by more than 50%. He was in fact more enthusiastic about the ropeway project.

28 Dec 2020

Authorities confident of tourists coming to Goa

Tourists via air are coming into the state. And the state is taking precautions while allowing them to come in.

01 Dec 2020

Development only what Goans want: Lobo

Any development done by the Government should be for the people. If the people are against any development or project then the Government should re-think. People's voice is first then comes others, Ports Minister Michael Lobo stressed.

01 Dec 2020

लोकांक जाय तीच उदरगत जावची : लोबो

सरकार करपाक सोदता ती उदरगत लोकां खातीर आसपाक जाय.

01 Dec 2020

GFDO demands white paper on future of Goa's Tourism Industry

Goan For Dabolim Only have demanded a white paper on the future of Goa's Tourism Industry. The NGO asked if the govt is increasing the Dabolim airport capacity to 1.1 crore passengers, then what is the relevance and feasibility of the Mopa airport? The NGO also demanded that a white paper should examine whether tourists will choose a coal transportation hub called Goa as tourist destination.

27 Nov 2020

Tourists could surpass last years figures, say airport officials

Good news is that Dabolim airport officials say that tourist levels are close to last years and could possibly surpass last years by mid December. Also the public hearing for the Dabolim airport expansion will be held on Dec 4, the Environment Minister Nilesh Cabral said on Friday.

27 Nov 2020

पोरूं परस अंदूं वाडले खंय परदेशी पर्यटक!

दाबोळी विमानतळ अधिकाऱ्यांनी खोशयेची खबर दिल्या.

26 Nov 2020

India extends international flights ban till 31 December

Directorate-General of Civil Aviation on Thursday extended the ban on scheduled commercial international flights till December 31 as coronavirus cases in the country continued to spike. The government clarified that the ban does not apply to international all-cargo operations and flights specifically approved by the aviation regulator.

24 Nov 2020

Casino offices to shifted near Santa Monica jetty-Panaji: Micheal Lobo

Authorities plans to solve the Traffic congestion issue in capital city. On Monday evening the Ports Minister Micheal Lobo plans to shift the 6 casino offices and cruise offices including the entry & exit points at the Santa Monica jetty under Mandovi bridge. This will solve the traffic issue and wont let illegal parking along the road side

20 Nov 2020

Capital sees influx of tourists, but Covid norms violated

Looks like the capital is slowly seeing the advent of tourists after an almost 7 month hiatus. However, they are domestic tourists with no foreign tourists. However, covid norms are being openly flouted, something that could possibly be a worrisome sign given that the third and fourth waves are being anticipated in the rest of the country and the world.