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23 Nov 2018

Tourism policy comes under attack

Goa's Church has rejected the draft Goa Tourism Policy of Goa government.

07 Nov 2018

Tourism stakeholders demand more time for policy feedback

Everybody talks about mining. But the role tourism plays gets downplayed.

07 Nov 2018

लोकवेद, लोकसंस्कृताय खबर आशिल्ल्यांनीच पर्यटन धोरण थारावचें : नंदकुमार कामत

खण उद्देगाचेर सगळेच उलयतात, पूण पर्यटनाचें म्हत्व अधोरेखित जायना. फाटल्या दोन दसकांत पर्यटन उद्देगाक लागून कितलें परदेशी चलन गोंयांत आयलें हाची आंकडेवारी सरकार दिना. बुधवारा जाल्ल्या परिसंवादांत अशे तरेचे मुद्दे चर्चेक आयले.

07 Nov 2018

Charter flights into state drop, but domestic tourists up

Panchayat Minister and Dabolim MLA Mavin Godinho on Wednesday admitted that the number of charter flights have reduced substantially but domestic tourists have made up for the loss.

03 Nov 2018

Mayem lake shopkeepers stop inauguration of phase 1 beautification

Fullfill our demands first and only the open Mayem lake to public, local shopkeepers told GTDC chairman Nilesh Cabral when they stopped him from inaugurating the first phase of the Mayem lake beautification.

21 Oct 2018

1st Domestic cruise liner Angriya, brings in 200 from Mumbai on maiden journey

220 passengers came to Goa on the maiden journey of the first domestic cruise liner Angriya which will be sailing from Mumbai to Goa.

14 Oct 2018

No drugs in your restaurant, tourism minister tells his son

Tourism minister Babu Azgaonkar told his son not to allow drugs in his restaurant.

11 Oct 2018

Cyclone Luban shakes coastal Goa before moving away; MET dept says no danger

The Tourism department was forced to issue a advisory to tourists: Do not venture into the sea till Sunday the 14th. The MET department has also advised Goan fisherman not to venture into the high seas.

05 Oct 2018

We are ready for tourist season: minister

The tourism minister Babu Azgaokar said that all arrangements have been made for tourists in the state.

04 Oct 2018

Airport parking issue to be solved on priority, Says Mauvin

A special meeting to resolve the parking issues at the Dabolim International airport was held on Thursday.

04 Oct 2018

522 Russians arrive in Goa on 1st charter flight

The 1st chartered flight of this tourist season arrived from Russia at 5 in the morning on Thursday.