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23 Jul 2021

Rains create havoc in Goa, cause flooding major damage

The heavy rains wreaked havoc on Thursday. Sankhali, Shapora, Ugvem, Talpona, Sal, Bicholim and Ganjem were submurged. People were displaced as water flooded their houses. 13 trains were cancelled.

22 Jul 2021

Highway work breaks another pipeline – this time at Karaswado

MVR, the contractor for national highway work has created another crisis – this time breaking another water pipeline near the petrol pump situated at in Karraswado - Mapusa.

22 Jul 2021

एमव्हीआरच्या कंत्राटदाराचो नवो पराक्रम : जेसीबीन फोडून उडयली उदका पायपलायन!

महामार्गाचें कंत्राट घेतिल्ले एमव्हीआर कंपनीच्या कंत्राटदारान आनीक एक पराक्रम केला.

21 Jul 2021

NGO says allegations in MMC proven, crores saved

Anti Corruption Bureau has submitted a positive report on fake tender scam of past council of Margao Municipal council. Shadow council says that DySP Sucheta Dessai in her the report has proven the allegations made by the NGO.

21 Jul 2021

Saligao roads totally gone, locals suffer

Many road in Goa are no less than death traps. Goa365 has been highlighting the conditions of the roads all over the state in a bid to open the eyes of the authorities and give Goans better roads.

21 Jul 2021

Pollution has to be controlled: But what about coal dependent people? Milind

It’s true that coal leads to pollution. However, with mining shut, many families are dependent on coal buisness. One should give a thought on this, Urban Development Minister Milind Naik said, in a rejoinder to those seeking a ban on coal in the state.

21 Jul 2021

प्रदुशण जाता, पूण पोटांय जळटात न्हू?: मिलिंद नायक

कोळशाक लागून प्रदूशण जाता ही गजाल खरी.

21 Jul 2021

नावेलेचो हायवे मरणो ट्रॅप : बुधवारा परत अपघात!

नावेली राष्ट्रीय महामार्गावेलें वेस्टर्न बायपास जक्शंन मरणाचो सांपळो जावन रावलां. आयज परत एकदा हे सुवातेर एक्सिडेंट जालो. हांगासर रस्तो पाड जाला, तशेंच सर्कल नाशिल्यान लोकांक रस्त्याचो अदमास येना. हे सुवातेर फ्लायओव्हर बांदचो, तशें केल्ल्यान असल्यो घडणुको घडच्यो नात, थळाव्यांचें म्हणणें.

20 Jul 2021

Bad smell from paper mill upsets neighbours

Neighbours of a Sucraft Recycling Pvt limited, a paper mill at Honda Industrial estate are upset over a foul smell emitting from the factory.

20 Jul 2021

Not earthquake, just shoddy work results in sinking Baga road

Its been raining heavily for the past few days. And in the midst of these rains roads at the famous tourist destination Baga have caved in at two spots along the main Baga road.

20 Jul 2021

पाऊलें चालती, फोंडकुलांची वाट ; फोंडेंच्या रस्त्यांची लागल्या वाट...!

राज्यांतले रस्ते रामभरोसे आसात. गोवा 365 न सेगीतपणान रस्त्यांची अवतिकाय गोंयकारांच्या दोळ्यां मुखार हाडल्या.

19 Jul 2021

Inspection to identify black spots on Kodar river held

Three places have been identified along the Codar river which are black spots as far as drowning are concerned.

19 Jul 2021

बुडून मरपाच्यो सुवातो काडटले सोदून, काडटले उपाय : गोवा कॅन आनी सरकाराची जोड मोहीम

कोडार न्हंयंत बुडून मरपाची शक्यताय आशिल्ल्यो तीन सुवातो सोदून काडल्यात.