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02 Feb 2023

K’takacompany denies leasing toilet space to clothes shop || Goa365

A Goa 365 investigation has found out shops in toilets at the Baga beach parking. Now, the company who our sources pointed out have denied that they have sub leased this.

02 Feb 2023

Pathetic condition of Quepem cemetery sparks outrage || Goa365

The Quepem cemetery is in pathetic condition. Locals want the Quepem municipality to take over and provide all the facilities.

02 Feb 2023

Accident numbers skyrocket amid sewerage work in Ponda and Bethora || Goa365

Excavation of Ponda roads around Bandora road are underway. This is due to sewerage work.

01 Feb 2023

Assagao locals up in arms over illegal road || GOA365

The locals of Assagao have hit out at the local panchayat and the communidade for allowing a private builder to construct a road along a steep slope in the village.

01 Feb 2023

Roads now higher than footpaths in Margao || GOA365

The PWD is infamous for its unplanned works throughout the state. The simple fact that re-tarring a road would increase its height, seems too much for some PWD engineers and contractors to comprehend.

01 Feb 2023

Toilets, help desks, security rooms captured by shops in Calangute: GOA365 Investigate || GOA365

There is no surprise that illegalities are going on in full swing along the Calangute coastal belt. A tattoo shop and clothing store was accommodated in the public toilet built under the Swadesh darshan scheme of the central government.

31 Jan 2023

Davorlim junction remains submerged under garbage.

Despite falling under 3 panchayats, Davorlim junction remains submerged under garbage. The residents of the area and children who attends schools here have developed serious health issues because of the waste.

31 Jan 2023

Colva Beach – Sun, Sand and Sewage || GOA365

While the government pushes to bring in more tourists, the condition of some beaches in the state is pitiful. The iconic Colva beach, frequented by tourists from around the world, is now festering in a cesspool of sewage water. Here’s Ramesh Naik Raut with a report from Colva.

31 Jan 2023

Bouncergiri in French actress Marianne’s case goes international || GOA365

The recent French actress Marianne Chicherio’stale of woe has put property dispute in Goa on the international radar – but in an unsavory way. The police have expressed their helplessnesseven though there are bouncers in operation around the place.

30 Jan 2023


Has the couldn’t – care – less attitude of the government cost taxpayers crores of rupees? The Agricultural Department’s office and farm in Durga lies wasting away, as disinterest in upholding the standard of the campus grows.