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18 Sep 2021

Casinos, spas to open soon, expert committee recommends

We could see the total opening up of the economy including casinos and clubs albeit with 50% occupancy and SOPS by end of this month, the expert committee said. The government is likely to issue SOPS and procedures shortly. Here’s more.

17 Sep 2021

An awareness meet was held by Health Department to discuss the increasing Dengue cases in this ward.

An awareness meet was held by Health Department to discuss the increasing Dengue cases in this ward. So along with ward 15 Councillor and doctors, residents from ward no 15 were given training to fight these Mosquitoes.

17 Sep 2021

Assembly session from 18th Oct

The Next assembly session will begin on the 18th of October, the Goa Governor has announced. It will be a 2-day session.

01 Sep 2021

Dilip attacks Michael; Calls him 'Mosto'

Former Saligao MLA Dilip Parulekar and his BJP collegue Calangute's Michale Lobo are not in good books,this is a known fact. Dilip has launched a no holds barred attack on Michael saying that he is interfering in neighbouring constituencies without any reason.

01 Sep 2021

पोशण अभियान गोंयांकय फायदो करपी - विश्वजीत राणे

पोशण अभियान उपक्रमाचो गोंयाक बरोच फायदो जाला. खास करून बालवाडीच्या माध्यमांतल्यान उपेक्षीत भुरग्यां मेरेन तो पावोवपाचे आमी यत्न केल्यात. भलायकीमंत्री विश्वजीत राणेन सांगलें. महिला आनी बाल कल्याण मंत्रालयाची केंद्रीय मंत्री स्मृती इराणी बरोबर परिशदेंत वांटो घेतल्या उपरांत तो मिडिया कडेन उलयलो.

31 Aug 2021


Goa forward on Tuesday questioned the government as to why it had advertised for a post as a mining technicials undeR the PWD, when it shold have been advertised under the head of the mining department. Its joint secretary John Nazareth alleged that this was because they wanted to favour some of their own people.

26 Aug 2021

डी कॅटेगिरींतल्या हॉटेलवाल्यांवरी शॅकवाल्यांचीय रजिस्ट्रेशन फी उणी करात - मायकल

हॉटेल वेवसायांतल्या डी कॅटेगिरींतल्या गेस्ट हावसां खातीर रजिस्ट्रेशन फी 1,100 चेर हाडल्या. मायकल लोबोन सांगलें. तशेंच दर्या देगेंवयल्या शॅकांची लायसन फी उणी करून 25 टक्के करची, म्हणल्यार 80,000 वयल्यान 20,000 चेर हाडची अशें मागलें. हाचेर फुडल्या कॅबिनेटांत निर्णय जातलो मंत्री मायकल लोबोन सांगलें.

19 Aug 2021

CAs press for Double Entry System in panchayats

Panchayats do not maintain balance sheets. But, now the Goa government has decided to implement a double entry system in 13 municipalities.

19 Aug 2021

CM chairs review meeting with top officers to push for completion of all infra by 19 Dec

Chief Minister Dr Pramod Sawant convened a meeting with IAS officials on Thursday to ensure that all programs and infrastructure projects wou;d be completed by 19 December. The meet also discussed to fast track the agendas in budget speech.

03 Aug 2021

चर्चे बगर संमत जाल्ल्या भुमिपुत्र विधेयकाक वाडटो विरोध!

विधानसभेंक चर्चे बगर संमत जाल्ल्या भुमीपुत्र अधिकारीणी विधेयकाक दिसान दीस विरोध वाडत आसा. राजकी पक्षां सयत, प्रोग्रेसिव्ह फ्रंट ऑफ गोवा, मगोपा, गाकुवेध आनी इतिहास तज्ज्ञ, तशेंच आदवोगादांनीय ह्या विधेयकाक खर विरोध केला.