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08 Jun 2021

CZMP hearing has been kept for 8th July: Nilesh

The fresh public hearing for CZMP has been kept for 8th July. However, there are restriction.

12 Apr 2021

Cattle ruin field, Agriculture Dept tell farmer can't help

Everybody talks of agriculture. And locals getting involved in agriculture. However, on the round there are still loopholes which can be plugged.

26 Mar 2021

Goa Dairy shares 50 per cent of its profit with dairy farmers

Goa Dairy has decided to share 50 per cent of its profit for the last financial year with more than 4,000 dairy farmers. The amount works out to 1.5 crore rupees.

21 Mar 2021

Vealso gram sabha opposed double tracking, tells landlords not to sell properties along tracks

Velsao Gram Sabha has resolved to ask landlords owning land not sell properties alongside tracks to railway.

20 Mar 2021

Elections give old friends an opportunity to connect

We have heard about the old friends meeting during jatras or feastS. But, this time during polling two old friends sitting on wheelchair met and shared old memories. The incident took place at Caranzalem on Saturday.

20 Mar 2021

व्होटिंग बुथार जाणट्यांचे इश्टागतीचो मेळ!

जात्रा काल्यांनी वा फेस्तांनी आदलीं फ्रेंडां मेळटात अशें आयज मेरेन आयकताले. पूण मतदाना वेळार जिवाभावाच्यो दोन इश्टीणी जाण्टेपणांत मेळटात आनी त्योवूय व्हीलचॅरींचेर बसून, हातांत हात घुसळावन आदल्यो यादी जाग्यो करतात आनी लोकय व्हडा तोखणायेन इश्टागतीचो हो मेळ पळयतात. शेनवारा करंजाळकारांनी हो अणभव घेतलो.

19 Mar 2021

Many parts of state not getting water

Almost the entire State is facing water shortages in one form or the other.

15 Mar 2021

Tiswadi's civil-cum sub-registrar's office without internet for past one week

Civil cum Sub-registrar's office in Panaji has been functioning without Internet connectivity for the past one week or so.

12 Mar 2021

Many Ponda schools close down for want of students

At present Ponda taluka has 104 primary schools but their number could come down. Last year, 47 schools close down for want of students.

26 Feb 2021

Chinchinim Forum threatens to come on road if govt does not reduce fuel prices

The constant hikes in petrol and diesel prices and now LPG prices have created disquiet among people all over the state.

24 Feb 2021

MPT Chairman clarifies on coal, ports act & Sagarmala

MPT Chairman Dr. E Ramesh Kumar on Wednesday tried to clear air about the controversies surrounding it.