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18 Dec 2018

GMC to get top class canteens, promises Vishwajeet

he outsourcing of canteens in GMC will happen soon.

18 Dec 2018

IT Park: Now GAKUVED comes out in opposition

The Gawda Kunbi Velip and Dhangar Federation are strongly opposing the IT park that has been planned for Chimbel village.

16 Dec 2018

Phonemic Intelligence techniques make changing children personality possible: Tripura Foundation

Founder of Tripura Foundation Bhaskar Pillai said do not blame your children if they fail in mathematics.

16 Dec 2018

नापास भुरगीं न्हय, तांचो मेंदू : भास्करन पिल्लाय

भुरगीं गणितांत पास जायनात जाल्यार ताचो दोश तुमच्या भुरग्यांक दिवं नाकात, ताका जबाबदार तांचो मेंदू. ताची उदरगत करून भुरग्याचें व्यक्तीमत्व पुरायेन बदलूं येता.

15 Dec 2018

Need of libraries in villages: Gaude

Art and Culture Minister, Govind Gawde wants libraries set up in all villages.

14 Dec 2018

We have plans for garbage but govt not bothered: Tara

Garbage menace has become serious problem in Goa.

14 Dec 2018

Sancoale panchayat inspects dump of Malaysian sand

Sancoale panchayat held an inspection to check the legality of a dump filled with sand from Malaysia.

13 Dec 2018

Long wait of the sugarcane farmers finally over; crushing season begins

After lot off recriminations and false starts the Sanjivanee sugar factory has finally started production on Thursday.

13 Dec 2018

Nurses-patient ratio low in many hospitals: association chief

Nurses are less in number when compared to patients in many hospitals in country.

13 Dec 2018

Strike by Goa Convention of Workers on 8 and 9 jan

Trade Unions and Mass organization have decided to protest against soaring prices of essential commodities.

11 Dec 2018

Reason for water shortage: PWD is in loss, says minister

Water scarcity is a major issue in Goa.