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07 Dec 2019

Hang rapists: Michael, Probe police shootout: Sabina

Heated debate has started since police killed in encounter all the four rapists who also murdered a veterinary doctor in Telengana. While court wants to verify if it was a real or fake encounter, Goans have also started reacting on social media as well in public. BJP Minister Michael Lobo want such criminals to be hanged in public. But women’s activists have diverse views on it.

07 Dec 2019

बलात्कार करतल्यांक फांशी दियातः मायकल, पुलीस फारपेटाचीय चवकशी जायः सबिना

हैदराबाद शारांतल्या बलात्काराचे घडणुके उपरांत चौगाय खुन्यांक पुलिसांनी चकमकींत मारतकीर गोंयांतय हाचेर वयर सकयल चर्चा चल्ल्या. सोशल मिडियासावन भौशीक मळामेरेन सगळ्याक.

04 Dec 2019

Govt will look after Special Children for lifetime: CM

Chief Minister Dr Pramod Sawant has taken a step forward. He has assured not only to make special provisions for special children but to make a provision to look after them lifetime. He was speaking at the World Disability Day function organized at Sanjay School on Wednesday.

04 Dec 2019

Apheresis Technology Machine now at Manipal Hospital

Manipal Hospital takes another step to provide world-class healthcare. On Wednesday, a new machine that separates donated blood into its components was inaugurated at Manipal Hospital. This is the first of its kind machine in Goa that will help doctors in blood transfusion.

03 Dec 2019

Residents urge for more time to vacate houses for NIT project

Some people in Cuncolim will lose their houses because of the NIT educational project.

02 Dec 2019

‘Portuguese’ Goans not giving up Indian citizenship: NRI Commissioner

Dual citizenship is still the issue that keeps cropping up again and again, mainly because of Portuguese citizenship Goans opt for. They take Portuguese citizenship and go to other parts of Europe. Mainly UK. And in spite of creating a system, they are not surrendering their Indian passport. Perhaps because they don’t want to lose Indian citizenship.

02 Dec 2019

Private players to run some part of health sector: Rane

Looks like one by one Goa’s government hospitals are being moved towards privatization. Superspeciality block of GMC would be privatized. A private medical college in South Goa District Hospital. Also deficiencies in specialties would be run by private partners in Madgao, And the whole tertiary service section of Chicalim cottage hospital would be run by private doctors. Health Minister Vishwajeet Rane has said the process has already started.

02 Dec 2019

भलायकी मळावेल्या कांय विभागांचें जातलें खासगीकरण : राणे

एकेक करून गोंयच्या सरकारी हॉस्पिटलांचें खासगीकरण जायत चल्लां शें दिसता.

01 Dec 2019

Be your own stylist, Fashion is you: Schulen Fernandes

You can be your own stylist and Fashion is you. This is what the leading Goan woman stylist in India Schulen Fernandes said on Sunday. She also shared her 20 years journey in the Fashion industry.

01 Dec 2019

Never used Mhadei for publicity: Rajendra Kerkar

Environmentalist Rajendra Kerkar on Sunday refuted Goa Forward's allegation that he is using the Mhadei issue as a publicity stunt. He said that he stood by his stand that Goa Forwards petition in the NGT had hampered the interest of the state.

29 Nov 2019

Eye checkup camp organised in Margao

If you wish to obtain certificate in home nursing or learn shorthand or flower making or baking all free of charge then contact Mahila Shakti Abhiyan. You can get additional skills without spending a rupee.

28 Nov 2019

Indian rich are rotten potatoes: Governor

Rich people in India, who don’t help the poor class of the country, are like rotten potatoes. Governor Satyapal Malik has appealed to the film fraternity of India to expose such people through their films.

28 Nov 2019

भारतांतले गिरेस्त म्हटल्यार कुशिल्ले बटाट !: राज्यपाल

देशांतल्या गरिबांक मजत करनाशिल्ले भारतांतले गिरेस्त लोक म्हणल्यार कुशिल्ले बटाट.