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14 Aug 2018

Cong for ban on Sanatan Sanstha

The Congress on Tuesday demanded a ban on the Sanatan Sanstha on the heels of the arrests made in Maharastra of some right wing elements with weapons.

11 Aug 2018

Formalin in Fish check: reality or myth

The controversy over formalin in fish refuses to die down. On Saturday Congress in Goa called upon the government to ban the import of fish until and unless mechanism is not in place to test the incoming fish at the borders.

10 Aug 2018

Formalin issue: Minister admits not possible to check all fish imports

Formalin issue is still burning. And people are still not satisfied that fish is safe.

10 Aug 2018

Mahila Congress demands an apology from Rane on ‘sandas’ statement

The anger over 17 year congress chief minister Pratapsingh Rane statements ridiculing Goans working abroad has still not died down.

09 Aug 2018

Bailancho Ekvott wants CBI to investigate missing women cases

NGO Bailancho Ekvott wants the Central Bureau of Investigation to investigate the issue of women vanishing without trace in the state.

08 Aug 2018

Vasco-da-Gama celebration opposed, renaming as Murgao demanded

Bharat Mata ki Jai, led by Subhash Velingkar, has vehemently opposed BJP government’s plan to celebrate centenary year of naming the city after Vasco Da Gama, the Portuguese sailor.

08 Aug 2018

वास्को द गामाच्या सुवाळ्याक विरोध, शाराचें नांव मुरगांव करपाची मागणी

वास्को द गामा ह्या पोर्तुगीज चाच्याचें नांव शाराक दिलें ताका शंबर वर्सां जातात म्हुणून ताचें शताब्दी वर्स मनोवपाचें भाजपा सरकारान थारायलां. हे करणेक सुभाष वेलिंगकाराच्या भारत माता की जय हे संघटनेन खर विरोध केला.

07 Aug 2018

Goans have lost faith in FDA: Mikky

Former tourism minister Mikky Pacheco questioned the ability of FDA to check hundreds of trucks that come into Goa laden with fish in such a short period of time.

31 Jul 2018

No beef shortage for EID, promises Vijai

The Government of Goa is not against any religion or caste said Town and Country planning Minister Vijai Sardessai on Tuesday.

25 Jul 2018

'Bullfight must resume' MLAs in the house

On Tuesday some MLAs demanded that Bull Fight be restarted in the state.

25 Jul 2018

धिरयो परत सुरू करात, आमदारांची मागणी

राज्यांत धिरयो परत सुरू करच्यो अशें मंगळारा कांय आमदारांनी मागलें. हो गोंयचो पारंपारीक खेळ आनी गोंयकारांक तो पळोवपाक तशेंच ताका तेंको दिवपाक आवडटा असो दावो ते करतात. ही खबर पळयात आनी मंत्र्यांचें म्हणणें आयकात.

24 Jul 2018

Babu denies Sopte allegation on tourism leases

The Tourism Minister Babu Azgaonkar said that till date no Tourism land or hotel has been given out on lease to anybody.

24 Jul 2018

सरकारी हॉटेलांचो बाजार

आयज मेरेन पर्यटन खात्याची खंयचीच सुवात वा हॉटेल कोणाकूच लिजार दिवंक ना अशें पर्यटन मंत्री बाबू आझगांवकार म्हणटा. मात मिरामार आनी कोलव्यां आशिल्लीं लिजार दिवपाचें प्रक्रियेंत आशिल्लीं अशें तो म्हणटा.