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14 Apr 2019

Poor getting killed all over the world under the garb of religion & war: Dr Kasbe

India's noted thinker Dr Ravsaheb Kasbe has cautioned all Indians to beware of political strategy of the capitalist class of the whole world and not to fall prey to it.

14 Apr 2019

धर्माच्या नांवान चलयिल्ल्या झुजांनी मरता फकत गरीब : डॉ. रावसाहेब कसबे

भांडवालदारांचे राजकी धोरणां पसून सादूर रावपाचो उलो फामाद इतिहासकार आऩी विचारवंत डॉ. रावसाहेब कसबेन मारलो.

13 Apr 2019

Ramnam celebrated across Goa

Ramnam was celebrated with huge pomp and fervor across Goa on Saturday.

13 Apr 2019

गोंयभर मनयली रामनम उमेदीन

शेनवारा संबंध गोंयभर रामनम व्हडा उमेदीन मनयली. हिंदू वेळापत्रकाप्रमाण चैत्र शुद्ध नमीक ही परब मनयतात. हजरांनी लोकांनी सकाळी देवळांत वचून श्रीरामाचें दर्शन घेतलें.

12 Apr 2019

Goa Fest Day 2: New Worlds of Inspiration and Creativity

After an eventful Day 1 of Goafest 2019, Day 2 kicked off with the Knowledge Seminar by COLORS Marathi.

31 Mar 2019

3rd Mahamarathi Sammelan held

Language is a tone of time and thought of mind.

28 Mar 2019

Govt Shigmo parades begin from Ponda

The government level Shigmo of Antruj Mahal in Ponda was celebrated with great enthusiasm, beginning Shigmo parades of Goa.

15 Mar 2019

Goan land is well cultured: Governor

Goa is very well cultured. People here live by remembering their values and deeds.

15 Mar 2019

Cinemas should be attached to literature like drama: Naik

Goan cinema is technically sound but has it stuck to its intended purpose?, questions senior writer Pundalik Naik.

13 Mar 2019

Music & Drama Fiesta in Madgao from 17th March

Gomant Vidya Niketan of Madgao is organising total five day bonanza of music and drama. The 14th Anahat Naad, the music festival on 16th and 17th March.

10 Mar 2019

Goa to go for LS & By-polls on 23 April, LS poll in 7 phases

Finally it’s announced. Goa will go for election of two Lok Sabha seats and by elections of 3 Assembly constituencies together. On 23rd of April. Counting is almost a month later. On 23rd May.

10 Mar 2019

गोंयच्यो लोकसभा आनी विधानसभा वेंचणुको 23 एप्रिलाक

शेवटाक थारलें. लोकसभा वेंचणुके खातीर गोंयांत दोन कडेन आऩी विधानसभेच्यो तीन कडल्यो पोटवेंचणुको वांगडाच जातात. एप्रिलाचे 23 वेर.

08 Mar 2019

Artificial Intelligence to help GSL in shipbuilding

Goa Shipyard Limited and Forum for Innovation, Incubation Research and Entrepreneurship, Fiire had organised Hackathon, a three days event at Margao.