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02 Sep 2020

Border tense as China India stand eyeball to eyeball: India bans PUBG

India has asked China to control their frontline troops in order to stop infiltration and provocative attempts by Chinese armies.

21 Aug 2020

Covid highlights new normal in chovot festivities

The corona pandemic has increased innovation in the state. A new wave of thought, a new normal has come out during the current chovot festival among Malbhatkars. Normally the idol immersions are done in the river or the sea. But now in Malbhat the immersion will be done this time in a well.

16 Aug 2020

BMC sets SOP for Ganesh Market

Ganesh festival is just around the corner, but this time under the shadow of corona. The Bicholim Municipality has come with a solution to host their annual Ganesh market in Bicholim. BMC has decided to set market for the festival in different places in bicholim. 

15 Aug 2020

Plant trees to save our future: Vanamotsav Celebration

Vanomohatsav was celebrated today by the Konkan Railway Colony Welfare Association and the National Railway Mazdoor Union at the Railway Colony at Margao. Fruit bearing saplings of coconut, Cashew, Jambul, Guava and many more plants were planted.

15 Aug 2020

Goa celebrates 74th Independence Day with pride amid covid pandemic

Goa celebrated 74th Independence Day with enthusiasm and pride under the shadow of coronavirus. However, the covid situation didn't dampen people's patriotism while marking Independence Day.

15 Aug 2020

Money comes late but no schemes will be shut: CM

Efforts are underway to make panchayats 'Atmanirbhar'. No scheme implemented under Antodaya principle would be shut down, Chief Minister Pramod Sawant said on Saturday. CM also admitted that money is reaching late in some people's bank accounts. He also promised not to shut the agriculture scheme, dairy subsidies, DDSY and Griha Adhar schemes, and scholarships.

18 Jun 2020

Goa Revolution Day celebrated

The 75th Goa Revolution Day was celebrated all over the state on Thursday. Functions were organised at various places to mark the day.

18 Jun 2020

Freedom fighters allege govt refused to let them be part of revolution day

Veteran freedom fighters have expressed then ire at the government for refusing to allow them be part of revolution day at Lohia Maidan. They have also expressed anger as the files of renovation of Lohia Maidan are rotting.

18 Jun 2020

जाणट्या स्वातंत्र्यसैनिकां कडेन सरकाराची लागणूक ना? : लोहिया मैदानावयल्यान स्वातंत्र्य सैनिका

अंदूं जाणट्या स्वातंत्र्यसैनिकांक लोहिया मैदानाचेर येवपाक मनाय केल्ल्यान जाणट्या स्वातंत्र्य सैनिकांनी सरकाराच्या विरोधांत नाराजी उक्तायल्या.

05 Jun 2020

World Environment day observed

5th June Friday, is observed as World Environment day. The theme of World Environment 2020 is 'celebrating biodiversity' a concern that is both urgent and existential.

31 May 2020

Say No to Tobacco, #worldTobaccoDay2020

Tobacco products kill over 8million people every year. For decades, the tobacco industry has employed various tactics to attract young people to their products. On Sunday the World celebrated the #NoTobacco Day. This years theme and aim is to create awareness against smoking and consumption of Tobacco.