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08 Jan 2020

Knowing but not doing, is not knowing; tributes paid to Suresh Amonkar

Knowing and not doing, is not knowing. Suresh Amonkar lived with this Zen philosophy. In spite of having cancer with three relapses, lived a celebrated life.

03 Jan 2020

India sitting on volcano, Goa should show the way to India: Rajdeep

We are sitting on a volcano. Politicians are breaking this country for vote bank politics. India is a greatest country known for its co-habitation. But it’s getting polarized day by day. And in such a volatile situation, Goa is the only hope. Goa should show way to this polarized country. This is what India’s ace TV journalist Rajdeep Sardesai has appealed to thinking Goans who have preserved its communal harmony.

03 Jan 2020

भारत ज्वालामुखीचेर बसला, गोंयान देशाक वाट दाखोवचीः राजदीप

आमी ज्वालामुखीचेर बसल्यात. आमचे राजकारणी मतांच्या राजकारणाखातीर देश फोडीत चल्ल्यात. एकचारान जगपी भारत हो जगांतलो सगळ्यांत व्हडलो देश. पूण दिसान दीस हिंगां धर्मकोल्लीपणा वाडत चल्ला. आनी असल्या स्फोटक परिस्थितींत एकूच आशेचें किर्ण दिसता. तें म्हुटल्यार गोंय. ह्या देशाक गोंयान वाट दाखोवची. हो उलो एकचार राखपी गोंयकारांक माल्ला भारतांतलो नामनेचो टीव्ही पत्रकार राजदीप सरदेसायान.

25 Dec 2019

Dr Dattabab Gaitonde no more

Dr Datta Gaitonde, one of the veteran surgeons of Goa, passed away on Wednesday at his residence in Mapusa. He was 87-year old and was known in the whole Bardez taluka as the most helpful and committed medical surgeon.

14 Dec 2019

Photo Exhibition on life on Manohar Parrikar inaugurated

Photo Journalists Association of Goa in collaboration with Art and Culture department has organised a photo exhibition based on the life of former chief minister late Manohar Parrikar. Parrikar's social and political journey is depicted in the exhibition.

13 Dec 2019

Bhaiee was as big as Bhau: CM

Today’s generation has not seen Bhausaheb Bandodkar. But people still recall his regime. Similarly, people would remember Manohar Bhaiee. Because his work was as big as what Bhau had done. This is what Chief Minister Dr Pramod Sawant feels.

13 Dec 2019

भाऊ इतलोच भाई व्हड : सावंत

भाऊ सायबाक आयच्या लोकांनी पळोवंक ना.

11 Dec 2019

Only India can provide new Education system due to our ancient system: Dalai Lama

India is the only country in the world that can create a dynamic education system by combining its ancient education system of controlling mind and emotions with modern education system based on science. Tibetan spiritual leader Dalai Lama has thus appealed to the Indian educationists to revive the old education system which prevailed three thousand years ago and blend it with today’s modern education.

11 Dec 2019

भारतांत आतीक आनी आधुनीक शिक्षणाचो मेळ जावचो : दलाई लामा

भारत हो असो एकूच देश, जो आधुनीक आनी आतीक शिक्षण पद्धतीचो मेळ घडोवन हाडपाक शकता.

09 Dec 2019

Remained a teacher even after his death, donated his body to GMC students

At last, as per his last wish, the body of eminent educationist and writer Dr Suresh Gundu Amondkar was donated to the Goa Medical College. Throughout his life, he created students of repute. And even after his death, he has made his dead body available to the medical students. A hardcore teacher indeed.

09 Dec 2019

निमणे इत्से प्रमाण पद्मश्री सुरेश आमोणकाराचो देह भेटयलो जीएमसीक

पद्मश्री सुरेश आमोणकाराचो देह ताचे निमणे इत्सेप्रमाण ताच्या घरच्यांनी गोवा मेडिकल कॉलेजीक दान केलो.

08 Dec 2019

Padmashri Suresh Amonkar no more

Goa’s renowned writer and translator Padmashri Suresh Amondkar is no more. Suresh passed away on Sunday after prolong sickness. He was the president of the Konkani Akademy as well as former president of Goa Board of Higher Secondary education. In 2009 for his prestigious work in Literature and Education he was awarded with the Padmashri Award.

08 Dec 2019

पद्मश्री सुरेश गुंडू आमोणकार संवसाराक अंतरलो : जीएमसीक केलो देहदान

गोंयच्या कोंकणीच्या मळावेलो म्हालगडो साहित्यीक सुरेश गुंडू आमोणकार आयतारा संवसाराक अंतरलो.

05 Dec 2019

‘Nachom-ia Kumpasar’ faces defamation suite, from Chris Perry’s son

Internationally acclaimed popular Konkani film Nachom-ia Kumpasar has run into trouble. Director Bardroy Barreto is facing a defamation case from Chris Perry’s son Glenn. Asking for 1000 crore rupees for tarnishing his father’s image. Hearing on the case will begin on 6 December.

03 Dec 2019

Cong made Charkha of Mahatma Gandhi; Guv recalls Lohia

Goa Governor Satyapal Malik has recalled how Dr Ram Manohar Lohia had described Mahtma Gandhi. The Mahtma was killed by Nathuram Godse, but his soul was killed by his successors in the Congress and converted him into Charkha.

03 Dec 2019

महात्मा गांधीचो केलो काँग्रेसीन चरखो, राज्यपालान उखल्ली लोहियाची तळी

राम मनोहर लोहिया म्हणी, गांधीक गोडसेन शरीरान मारलो.