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09 Oct 2019

Goa should be a separate postal circle: CM

Chief Minister Pramod Sawant has batted for Goa to be treated as a separate postal circle. It is now part of Maharashtra. He also requested that a postal stamp be brought honouring former chief minister late Manohar Parrikar.

08 Oct 2019

Goa will survive only if village beauty is preserved: Digambar

Goa will be finished the day we destroy the natural beauty of Goa, especially in the villages. Leader of the Opposition Digambar Kamat appealed to the people to preserve this unique beauty of Goa.

08 Oct 2019

गांव उल्ल्यार गोंय उरतलेः दिगंबर

गांवांतलो सैम ही गोंयची सोबीतकाय. ती नश्ट जाली जाल्यार गोंय नश्ट जातलें. तेन्ना गांवच्या लोकांनी गांवांची सोबीतकाय तिगोवन दवरची असो उलो विरोधी पक्ष फुडारी दिगंबर कामतीन माल्ला.

30 Sep 2019

Govt urged to commemorate Francis Luis Gomes throughout the year

Francis Luis Gomes was India’s first freedom fighter, who represented Goans in Portuguese Parliament in Lisbon and fought for Goa’ freedom. He was called the Prince of Intellectuals in Europe. History professor Prajal Sakharadande has said this history should be made known to today’s generation.

30 Sep 2019

वर्सयभर मनयात फ्रांसिस लुईस गोम्साच्या नांवान कार्यावळी : सरकाराक उलो

फ्रांसीस लुईस गोम्स हो पयलो गोंयकार जाणें लिस्बन संसदेंत रावून गोंयकारां खातीर झूज दिलें.

29 Sep 2019

Will request Indian govt to honour Dr. Ramani with Padma Bhushan: CM

Chief Minister Pramod Sawant said he will request Indian government to honour Dr. Premanand Ramani with Padma Bhushan.

29 Sep 2019

दोतोर प्रेमानंद रामाणीक भेटयलो गोमंत विभूशण : पद्मभूशणा खातीर करतले शिफारस

गोंयचो प्रतिश्ठेचो गोमंत विभूषण फावो जाल्ल्या गोंयचो सुपूत दोतोर प्रेमानंद रामाणीक भारत सरकारान पद्मभूषण सन्मान दिवचो अशी शिफारस गोंय सरकार करतलें.

20 Sep 2019

Let’s have one election in the name of Education: Manish Sisodia

Let’s have one election in this country in the name of education, rather than caste, religion or regionalism. This is an appeal made by Delhi state’s revolutionary education minister Manish Sisodia.

20 Sep 2019

एक वेंचणूक शिक्षणाच्या नांवार जावचीः मनीष सिसोडिया

ह्या भारत देशान आजमेरेन जाती, धर्म आनी प्रादेशिकतेच्या नांवार वेंचणुको लढयल्यो. आतां एक वेंचणूक शिक्षणाच्या नांवान जावची अशें मत दिल्लीचो शिक्षणमंत्री मनीष सिसोडियान उक्तायलां.

09 Sep 2019

Final adeus to Victoria, MLA, social worker

Victoria, Social worker and MLA was given a state's funeral on Monday. People from all walks of life paid their final respects to a colourful and strong personality who was very prominent in social and political circles in the state in a career spanning a a Janata party leader, to independent MLA, and Congress MLA.

07 Sep 2019

Goa’s Mummy says adieu, Victoria Fernandes no more

She was known as Goa’s Mammy. Goa’s firebrand social activist and politician, Victoria Fernandes, breathed her last on Saturday morning at the age of 85. She was four-time MLA, a minister and also the deputy speaker.

07 Sep 2019

गोंयचे माम्मीचो आदेवस, व्हिक्टोरिया फॅर्नाडीस गेली

तिका गोंयभर माम्मीच म्हूण पाचारताले. गोंयची खडेगांठ सामाजीक वावुरपी आनी राजकारणी व्हिक्टोरिया फॅर्नांडीस पिरायेच्या 85 वर्सांचेर शेनवारा फांतोडेर हो संवसार सोडून गेली. चार फावटीं आमदार जाल्ली माम्मी मदीं मंत्रीय जाल्ली आनी उपरांत विधानसभेची उपसभापती. पूण तळागाळांतल्या लोकांखातीर झगडपी सामाजीक वावुरपी म्हुणूनच तिची आमकां तुमकां चड वळख. सोमारा 4 वरांचेर तिचेर निमणे संस्कार जातले.

07 Sep 2019

Goa’s ‘mangrove man’ Dr Untawale no more

Goa lost a veteran scientist. Dr Arvind Untawale. He was 79. He expired at Manipal hospital on Saturday morning after brief illness. The former deputy director of National Institute of Ocenography had immensely contributed to Goa in terms of trying to save coastal biodiversity, sand dunes and Goa’s richest mangroves.

30 Aug 2019

Saligao girl makes Goa proud

Nakita Fernandes is from Saligao. And she is the second runner up of the world beauty pageant held in South Korea.

29 Aug 2019

नाट्यकर्मी प्रशांत म्हाड्डोळकार भायर पडलो

गोंयांन आनीक एक नाट्यकलाकार तरणाटे पिरायेर वगडायलो. फोंडेंचो नामनेचो नाटककार प्रशांत म्हाड्डोळकार बुधवारा रातीं काळजाचो आताक येवन अचकीत भायर पडलो. ताची पिराय आशिल्ली फकत 55 वर्सां.