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21 Sep 2021

Goa FDA ranks 1st in Food Safety Index

The Directorate of Food and Drugs Administration has secured the first place in the Food Safety Index, issued by the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India. The evaluation was carried out based on the five parameters.

12 Sep 2021

व्हिक्टरी फ्लेम गोंयात

भारत-पाकिस्तानामदी मदी जाल्या झुजाक काल 11 सप्टेंबर 2021 दिसा पंन्नास वर्सा पुराय जाली. 1971 हे झुज जाल्ले. तातूंत भारतान जैत जोडिल्ले. ते निमतान स्वर्णीम विजय वर्स मनयतात. जैताची ज्योत व्हिक्टरी फ्लेम गोंयात पावल्या. एडमिरल फिलिपोज प्युनूमुतील ती स्वीकारली.

09 Sep 2021

Cabinet waives off 50% beach shack license fees, approves free digital meters for taxis

The cabinet resolved to waive off 50% license fees for beach shack operators for the current tourist season beginning from October, the Chief Minister Dr Pramod Sawant said. Cabinet also approved free digital meters to taxi operators.

09 Sep 2021

शॅक ऑपरेटरांक 50 टक्के परवानो शुल्क माफ - मुख्यमंत्री

ऑक्टोबरासावन सुरू जावपी सध्याच्या पर्यटन हंगामांत बीच शॅक ऑपरेटरां खातीर 50% परवानो शुल्क माफ करण्याचो निश्चेव मंत्रिमंडळान केला.

03 Sep 2021

Casino coming up in Pernem, oppose it, says NGO

The casino in Pernem taluka is becoming a reality. The Pernem mamletdar has given permission to set up a starred resort at the Oxelbhag-Dhargal, a few kilometers away from Mopa airport adjacent to the national highway which would house a casino, Goencho Awaaz activist Suryakant Chodankar alleged.

03 Sep 2021

बाबू ना म्हणटा, तरी पेडण्यां कॅसिनो येताच, करात विरोध- गोंयचो आवाज!

ना ना म्हणत निमणो पेडण्यां व्हडलो कॅसिनो येता.

25 Aug 2021

Electricity subsidies, tree plantation at Mopa - some cabinet decisions taken today

Cabinet today approved the proposal to grant subsidy in the electricity bill to almost all categories of consumers. This was done to ensure that there was no hike in electricity tariff, the chief minister Dr Pramod Sawant said . State will have to bear an additional burden of Rs 120 crore due to this.

23 Aug 2021

Cops pushing car in viral video suspended

Goa 365 had higlighted a news of cops pushing their vehicles so that the home department could come to know what is happening at various police stations at pull up responsible people.

23 Aug 2021

गाडी धुकल्ली म्हण पुलीस सस्पेंड???

खरें म्हटल्यार सरकार ताळ्यार येवचें म्हण, बंद पडिल्ली गाडी धुकलतनाची बातमी आमी शेनवारा दाखयल्ली.

15 Aug 2021

Mayem land rights: Is this issue ever going to be solved?

Ironically on one side while it is the golden jubilee of Independence, Mayekars were forced to hold an agitation for their land rights.

31 Jul 2021

Goa Bhumiputra Adhikarini bill 2021 passed

The Goa Bhumiputra Adhikarini Act 2021 has been passed by the assembly on the last day of a truncated session.

17 Jul 2021

भाजपा सरकाराचें ऑनलाय शिक्षण : दिपक गोविंदाची ऑफलायन चकमक!

भुरग्यांक आदीं सगळ्यो मुळाव्यो सुविधा दियात आनी मागीरच ऑन लायन शिकयात.

15 Jul 2021

300 युनिट फुकट लायट वेंचणूक फंडा : श्रीपाद नायक

300 युनिट लायट फुकट दिवप फकांडा न्ही.