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18 Jan 2020

Employment through contract basis in PWD to be stopped: CM

20 years long wait of PWD contract workers might end from 1st April. The Chief Minister Pramod Sawant has assured them on Saturday that the government would stop employment through contract basis into the PWD and start inducting workers through a worker's society by 1 April.

15 Jan 2020

11th person died on Pedne highway, people blame MRV & Govt

Negligence of MRV company and state government has taken eleventh life on Patradevi – Dhargal national highway. One more person died at Valpem junction on Tuesday night.

15 Jan 2020

एमआरव्ही आनी सरकाराच्या घाळपणाक लागून विर्नोड्यां आनीक एक रस्तो बळी!

एमआरव्ही कंपनी आनी सरकाराच्या घाळपणान पत्रादेवी ते धारगळ महामार्गान इकरावो बळी घेतला.

15 Jan 2020

Mauvin to take last chance to reduce traffic fines

Government is still considering to reduce traffic vioaltion fines mandated under new motor vehicle act. Transport Minister Mauvin Godhino plans to take a last chance when he meets union and state transport ministers during his Delhi visit. Mauvin had earlier said Advocate General told them government has no right to reduce these fines.

15 Jan 2020

Under pressure, Mauvin finally withdraws controversial circular

Finally, Panchayat Minister Mauvin Godinho was compelled to withdraw the controversial circular. It had diverted approval of construction licenses and occupancy from panchayats to the BDOs. The circular had come under severe opposition.

11 Jan 2020

Mauvin clarifies on circular to panchayats on construction licences

Minister of Panchayats Mauvin Godinho has clarified that the Directorate of Panchayats is not taking away powers from the panchayats. He said the new circular has been issued to panchayats to ensure that garbage is disposed of scientifically.

07 Jan 2020

हेर बेकायदेशीर कामांय बंद करात : नरेश सावळाचें दिवचल पालिकेक आवाहन

डिचोली बचाव अभियानान पालिका मंडळ आनी मुख्याधिकाऱ्याचें अभिनंदन केलां.

07 Jan 2020

Online marriage records launched

On Tuesday Goa took yet another step in providing e-services to people. The Law Department launched the first of its kind service in the country of providing marriage certificates on line. Presently, marriage certificates from 1914 till 2010 are available but the service will be made up to date in another three months.

07 Jan 2020

Goa growth rate dropping by 2%, revenue collection reduced: Governor

Governor addresses the Assembly putting forward Government’s position. And in his maiden address on Tuesday, Governor Satya Pal Malik has admitted that the growth rate of Goa would drop by 2 per cent. Also admits that revenue collection has been reduced. But also says that Goa records highest per capita income in the country, which is five lakh rupees, an indication of robust & healthy economy.

07 Jan 2020

गोंयचो उदरगतीचो दर देंवतलो 2 टक्क्यांनी, महसूल जाला उणोः राज्यपाल

विधानसभेंत केल्लें राज्यपालाचें अभिभाशण म्हुटल्यार सरकाराचे वतीन मांडलेली परिस्थिती. गोंयचो नेवो राज्यपाल सत्यपाल मलिकान आपल्या पयल्याच अभिभाशणांत गोंयचो उदरगतीचो दर दोन टक्क्यांनी देंवतलो ही परिस्थिती मान्य केली. तशेंच महसूलाची येणावळ उणी जाल्या हेंय मान्य केलें. मात त्याच वेळार सांगलेः गोंयचें दर मनशी उत्पन्न 5 लाख जालां. पुराय भारतांत सगळ्यांत चड. म्हुटल्यारच आमचे अर्थवेवस्थेची भलायकी खूबच बरी आसा.

03 Jan 2020

CAA ‘giving’ citizenship, not ‘denying’; Nadda addresses huge rally in Panaji

The amended Citizenship Act does not deny citizenship, but gives citizenship to the persecuted religious minorities from the Muslim-dominated neighbouring countries

03 Jan 2020

सीएए नागरिकत्व दिता, न्हयकारिना : पणजेचे भाजपाचे सभेंत नड्डाचें स्पश्टीकरण

सुदारीत नागरिकत्व कायदो भारतांत नागरीकत्व न्हयकारिना, पूण मुस्लीम भोवसंख्य आशिल्ल्या शेजारच्या देशांतल्यान येतल्या धर्मीक अल्पसंख्यांकांक नागरीकत्व दिता.

27 Dec 2019

Mhadei waters divert during Cong rule, Cong should not preach us: CM

Mhadei waters was diverted during the Digambar Kamat's era and Congress has no right to demand my resignation within 48 hours. There won't be a special assembly session till the Supreme Court delivers its verdict.

27 Dec 2019

कर्नाटकांतल्या कामाक काँग्रेसीच्याच काळांत सुरवात : मुख्यमंत्री

कर्नाटकांतलें काम दिगंबर कामतीच्याच काळांत जाल्लें.