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14 Aug 2018

Govt welcomes, Opp & MBA says Mhadei verdit will affect Goa

Goa government including Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar has welcomed the verdict on Mhadei water allocation by the tribunal. But the opposition Congress has described the verdict will affect Goa’s ecology.

08 Aug 2018

Thanks to free wi-fi, bars & omlette-pav gaddos in Fatorda to be closed by midnight

Bars, restaurants and even famous Omlette Pav gaddos will be closed in Fatorda by midnight.

08 Aug 2018

फुकट वायफाय जाय? मागीर फातोड्ड्यां मध्यान रातीं उपरांत ऑम्लेट-पाव गाडे बंद!

फातोड्डें मतदारसंघांत आतां मध्यान रातीं उपरांत एक्कूय ऑम्लेट-पावाचो गाडो उक्तो आसचो ना. आनी खंयचेंच बार वा रेस्टॉरंट लेगीत. आऩी कारण कितें? तर सरकारान ह्या मतदारसंघांत वायफाय फुकट दिलां.

06 Aug 2018

Goa re-starts Baby Screening Centre

The Health Ministry inaugurated the newborn baby screening facility in the state under the National Rural Health Mission. The mission of this service is to check for treatable metabolic disorders in babies.

01 Aug 2018

Infra-funds for Panchayat may increase from 2 Cr to 3.5 Cr: Mauvin

The issue of panchayat infrastructure was raised during calling attention motion by Aldona MLA Glenn Ticlo.

31 Jul 2018

IPB projects in industrial zones are cleared faster, says CM

If projects were cleared after consultation with everybody then there would be no need to have an investment promotion board.

30 Jul 2018

Despite stiff opposition, TDR now into TCP act

The town and country planning amendment bill was passed after a lengthy explanation by the Minister Vijai Sardesai and an intervention of the chief minister.

26 Jul 2018

‘Beach miscreants will be dealt with’ warns Tourism Minister

Tourism Minister Babu Azgaonkar called for strong action against hawkers and those who cause a nuisance on the beaches. ‘Goa don’t need tourists who do not respect our culture’ he said. Also urged Chief Minister to see that police do their job

25 Jul 2018

Detailed industry employment data in next 6 months: Khaunte

On the question of how many Goans are working in the industry, Labour Minister Rohan Khaunte informed that soon government would gather data of Goans & non-Goans employed in industries & establishments. This data will be ready in 6 months. Minister also asserted that those companies who don’t provide data on employment won’t get any incentives.

25 Jul 2018

‘Over 60,000 toilets will be built in Goa under ODF’

Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar has announced that Goa government will build 60 thousand bio-toilets under the open defecation free scheme. In fact, the government will amend act to make the process easy thereby solving the problems faced by tenants for infrastructural development.

15 Jul 2018

Goa gets a digital booster, state’s IT Policy unveiled

It’s the day when Goa takes a step to be next technology hub of India. On Sunday the IT policy was formally unveiled by Union Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad.