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05 Dec 2021

Goa Electricity Mobility Promotion Policy 2021 launched

The chief minister Dr.Pramod Sawant on Saturday, launched the Goa Electricity Mobility Promotion Policy 2021 in order to encourage and promote the usage of electric vehicles.

29 Nov 2021

Why such high bills? As upset Kudnem residents

People in Kudnem were shocked to received water bills amounting to around 4,000 rupees even after the government had promised free water. Kudne locals were up in arms and marched to the PWD water division office on the issue.

12 Nov 2021

Cuncolim civic body erupts in chaos as police dictate terms at chairperson behest

The Cuncolim Municipal council meeting held today had a first of sorts even as the state was holding a massive function celebrating democracy @ Goa@60. At the meeting, the police were directing and dictating how councilors had to speak and whether they had to stand or sit while questioning the Chairperson.

12 Nov 2021

कुंकळी पालिकेंत मानापमान – पुलिसांचो फोर्स! नगरसेवकाचो अपमान!!

कुंकळी पालिकेचे बसकेंत पयलेच फावट इपरीत पळोवपाक मेळ्ळें.

08 Nov 2021

BJP says govt has done a lot for OBCs

BJP is out on damage control mode after Delhi Chief Minister and Aam Admi Party Chief Arvind Kejriwal met leaders of Bhandari Samaj. BJP’s Bhandari Samaj MLAs Dayanand Sopte and Milind Naik reacted saying their government had not only served Bhandari Samaj but also the Bhaujan Samaj an umbrella organization of the OBCs.

08 Nov 2021

Mining to restart in 6 months, priority for mining dependents for jobs, reiterates Kejriwal

Mining would be restarted in Goa within six months if Aam Admi government comes to power, AAP supremo Arvind Kejrival reiterated his assurance. He also said that priority would be given to those who had worked in the field earlier and doles till jobs were given. Kejrival has also promised 80% share in private jobs for Goan Youths.

08 Nov 2021

स म्हयन्यां भितर खणी सुरू करून दाखयतां- केजरीवालाचें उतर

आम आदमी पार्टीचें सरकार सत्तेर आयल्यार स म्हयन्यां भितर खण वेवसाय सुरू करतले.

05 Nov 2021

पेडणें म्हालांत आज्नेर- एकलो मेलो शॉकान, एका घराचेर पडली वीज!

भर दिवाळेच्या उमेदीच्या काळांत पेडणें म्हालांत बिरेस्तारा दोन भिरांकूळ घडणुको घडल्यो.

04 Oct 2021

Goa needs seed corp, says ICAR

Goa should establish a National Seed Corporation. The Government should give the corporation its own land which will help to boost agriculture production in the state.

04 Oct 2021

गोंयांत नॅशनल सीड कॉर्पोरेशन जालें जाल्यार शेतकारांक फायद्याचें- डॉ. प्रवीण कुमार

गोंयांत स्वायत्त NSC, म्हटल्यार नॅशनल सीड कॉर्पोरेशनची स्थापना करची.

24 Sep 2021

Sanjivanee to now produce ethanol not sugar

Ethanol is the option is for the Sanjivanee Sugar factory at Dharbandora. It would now produce ethanol instead of sugar.

21 Sep 2021

Goa FDA ranks 1st in Food Safety Index

The Directorate of Food and Drugs Administration has secured the first place in the Food Safety Index, issued by the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India. The evaluation was carried out based on the five parameters.

12 Sep 2021

व्हिक्टरी फ्लेम गोंयात

भारत-पाकिस्तानामदी मदी जाल्या झुजाक काल 11 सप्टेंबर 2021 दिसा पंन्नास वर्सा पुराय जाली. 1971 हे झुज जाल्ले. तातूंत भारतान जैत जोडिल्ले. ते निमतान स्वर्णीम विजय वर्स मनयतात. जैताची ज्योत व्हिक्टरी फ्लेम गोंयात पावल्या. एडमिरल फिलिपोज प्युनूमुतील ती स्वीकारली.