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20 Sep 2023

Star-studded Ambani Ganesh Chaturthi WATCH || ENGLISH || GOA365

The Ambanis market the auspicious occasion of Ganesh Chaturthi with a grand celebration at their Mumbai home. The event saw a star-studded guest list – from Bollywood’s A-listers to politicians and cricketers. Here’s a glimpse at the festivities at Antilia.

18 Sep 2023

PM Modi addresses Parliaments ‘Historic’ special session, reflects on parliaments 75 year journey||ENGLISH||GOA365

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday addressed the Special Parliamentary session. The 5-day session will move to the newly built Parliament House on Tuesday. A total of 8 bills are scheduled to be discussed in the session including a bill on the appointment of chief election commissioner and election commissioners.

18 Sep 2023

Goa more than 240 students participated in the chess championship at Murgaon High School.

With Indian chess stalwarts like R Praggnanandhaa and Vishwanathan Anand having raised the bar of chess in the country,

18 Sep 2023

DGP hands over ‘Honey-trapping’ case to Crime Branch || ENGLISH || GOA365

Crime has shown no signs of letting-down, from an international sex trafficking racket to murders and the recent honey trapping case, Goa is seeing an unprecedented risein crimes.

17 Sep 2023

what is the logic of a top-quality football pitch with no facilities || ENGLISH || GOA365

The St.cruz football ground, developed at a cost of over 4 crores, still has a host of issues plaguing it. While the pitch has been developed to very high standards with synthetic turf, no other facilities at the ground have been touched upon. Here’s our reporter William Rodrigues will a special report.

16 Sep 2023

Long pending multi-crore flyover crucial for Khandepar, says Panchayat || ENGLISH||GOA365

The multi-crore flover proposed to come up on the National Highway through Khandepar is still pending. Stalled partly due to a court case, only a temporary service road has been set up till date. Here’s more.

15 Sep 2023

Rohan v Girish || ENGLISH || GOA365

Tourism Minister and Porvorim MLA Rohan Khuante and Congress’s Girish Chodankar are at odds following several serious allegations against the minister by the latter. Brushing off the allegations by Chodankar, MLA Rohan urged the congressman to get himself medically tested before leveling such allegations. To which Girish replied with this.


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