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06 Nov 2020

Kavlem tourist complex turns into haunted house

Kavlem tourist complex has turned into a haunted house. If government get the complex that has been ignored by the tourism department for last 10 years in some semblance of shape, it can be a good tourist spot.

25 Oct 2020

Goa should connect hotels, airports, ports through waterways: Gadkari

Infrastructure is already developed for tourism. So Goa should connect hotels, airports and ports through waterways

28 Sep 2020

Goa to get 10 yrs guaranteed roads, PWD min promises

Goa will soon get proper roads and this time the roads will have 10 year guarantee. This is  what thhe  PWD Minister Deepak Pauskar promises on Monday. Time will tell if this will actually happen  as till date new Goan roads were always in the headlines as they are not lasting for even 6 months.

24 Sep 2020

Infrastructure at Colva beach is crumbling

Tourism season is about to start. And the authorities should do everything to attract tourists as the economy is on a downturn. But the infrastructure is not up to the mark.

18 Sep 2020

Existing vendors shifted to new Cortalim Market complex Vendors 

Around 25 existing fruit, vegetable, fish and meat vendors in Cortalim began their first day of sale in the new Cortalim Market complex after they were shifted to the new complex on Wednesday evening.

02 Sep 2020

Chinchinim villagers demand new panchayat ghor

People from Chinchinim are eagerly waiting for new panchayat ghar. The new panchayat building project has received nod from the government. However, the panchayat building is yet to take shape. Now, the new process has been started for this project.

15 Jul 2020

Sudin says IIT can be set up at Farmagudi in Ponda

Madkai MLA Sudin Dhavalikar has suggested that Indian Institute of Technology can be set up in Ponda if no one wants the institute in their areas . He has identified land in Farmagudi plus at two other places.

12 Jul 2020

Inquire into how Western bypass blunder committed: Luizinho

The work on the Western Bypass passing through Navelim is not upto the mark, the local MLA Luizinho Faleiro said.

08 Jul 2020

Police break up anti IIT PC

An anti-IIT press conference was broken up by the police on Wednesday citing lack of permissions. The IIT is supposed to come up at Guleli.