Aa La Niz Goenkar, hoteliers come to the rescue of stranded foreign tourists

नीज गोंयकारांचें मनीसपण, आडकून पडिल्ल्या परदेशी पर्यटकांक दिलो आलाशिरो

21 Mar 2020 07:28 PM

Many foreign tourists are stranded in Goa due to threat of corona virus. No flights home, rapidly running out of money and no certainty when it will all end. But Goa’s hoteliers have come forward to help them.

With a free stay and drinks and food at cost price.


This generosity almost reduced these English tourists to tears. A welcome relief indeed.


Goans are known for their large heartedness. And now even in the midst of a tourism meltdown, this comes out.


The Goa tourist season has been hit by a double blow.


First by the closure of the giant travel agent Thomas Cook. And now by the pandemic – the Corona Virus.   

Reporter: Ramesh Naik Raut | Desk: Glenn Costa

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