08 Jun 2022 06:56 PM

With Covid on the rise once again in the state, the expert committee preponed the meeting schedule for tomorrow. The committee has decided to now allow paediatricians to administer covid vaccines in clinics now. The committee has also urged mask wearing in public places once again albiet not mandating. In the meantime 77 fresh covid19 cases were reported in the state today.

The expert committee preponed its meet scheduled for tomorrow in view of the rising covid19 cases in the state. Health minister Vishwajit Rane informed that the committee has decided to allow paediatricians to now administer vaccine doses to children in their respective clinics. Rane also stressed on the need for wearing masks and taking vaccines.

 He further informed that the government will wait a while longer before taking any knee jerk reaction since the economy in the state has just begun to bloom. Listen

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