03 Jun 2022 07:48 PM

Covid 19 cases in the state have been on the rise over the past week with the state reporting 50 positive cases today. Positivity rate too have seen a massive spike to over 6.39% as the directorate of health services has urged people to wear masks and get their vaccine doses. Here’s more on developing situation.

 Cases, which  had nearly flatlined after the 3rd wave, have once again seen a rise with over 50 cases being reported today alone. in the state rose by 174 in just a span of one week, after reporting only a mere 13 between 15th and 11th and 17th April. While no deaths have been occurring, the rise in cases in alarming as schools and monsoon are set to begin.

 However, the DHS informed that Omicron is still the persisting variant and since poses only mild threat to patients. Cases however could see a further rise although with a lower hospitalization rate. Listen

Keeping in view the rising cases, the DHS has once again urged all those eligible to take their booster doses especially for health care, frontline workers and those above 60. While no new guidelines have been issued, the DHS has urged the public to observe social responsibility and take pro-active measures in keeping their own health safe.

 However, with cases on the rise many have begun to worry over students who set to enter schools starting 7th June. However upon being asked whether opening of schools would be postponed due the virus, the DHS said since people continue to work, go on picnics and vacations, it wouldn’t make sense to only close schools, continuing to quote Modi – “Jaanbhi, Jahan bhi “

  Monkey pox meanwhile, has put the state on a vigilante eye, as all doctors in the state have been briefed over symptoms and procedures related to the disease. So far only 1 sample suspected of Monkey pox had been sent for testing to the apex lab in Pune. 

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