Woman tests Covid 19 positive in Calangute, hospitalized

कळंगुटे बायल कोवीड-19 पोझिटिव्ह : लग्नाक लायल्ली हजेरी!

04 Jun 2020 04:43 PM

A woman who had recently arrived from across the border has tested positive for Covid 19 at Baga on Thursday, putting residents of the area in a tizzy. A beach resort in the area has been sealed. The woman, who is now undergoing treatment.

Covid19 Case in Calangute-Baga. Beach Resort near Tito Lane, Calangute has been sealed.  Reportedly the lady was in Goa for a wedding. When questioned Chief Minister Sawant said that their testing is vigorous. However sources indicate that before the result was out she had already attended the function where there were other people present too.  listen

Chief Minister defended criticism about border being porous saying that the checking was strict.

Reporter: Clinton Dsouza | Desk: Clinton Dsouza | Camera: Amar Chawaria

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