Coronavirus cases in India cross 50 lakh mark

16 Sep 2020 03:26 PM

The coronavirus cases in India crossed 50 lakh mark on Wednesday after reporting more than 90,000 cases in last 24 hours. India is also reporting more than 1,000 deaths for the 16th consecutive day taking the total death toll to more than 82,000.

A single day jump of 90,123 covid-19 cases were reported in India. In last 24 hours 1,290 deaths were reported and 82,961 patients have recovered.


Cases-:                   90,123

Deaths:                  1,290

Recovered:           82,961

  India has reported 50,20,359 Covid-19 positive cases till date. And the active cases have crossed 9.95 lakh mark. 82,066 deaths are reported and 39,42,360 patients have recovered.



Cases:  50,20,359                                 Deaths: 82,066                    Recovered:   39,42,360

(Source: MoHFW)

 Here are five worst-hit coronavirus states. Maharashtra is leading with 10.97 lakh cases s followed by Andhra Pradesh  with 5.83 lakh, Tamil Nadu 5.14 lakh, Karnataka  4.75 lakh and UP 3.24 lakh. 

 Maharashtra             Andhra Pradesh           Tamil Nadu           Karnataka        Uttar Pradesh 

10.97 lakh                    5.83 lakhs                       5.14 lakhs            4.75 lakhs             3.24 lakhs

 (Source: Arogya Setu)

 Almost 3 lakh cases were reported worldwide in single day. The global cases have reached 2.97 crore, 9.39 lakh deaths are reported and 2.15 crore have recovered.


 CASES: 2.97 crore                                                Deaths: 9.39 lakhs                                               Recovered: 2.15 crore

(Source: worldometeres) 

 Here are the five worst-hit coronavirus nations. United States is leading with more than 64.62 lakh cases followed by 2nd worst hit nation India 50.20 lakh cases, Brazil 43.15 lakh cases, Russia 10.73 Lakh cases and Peru with7.38 lakh cases. 


 US                           INDIA                        BRAZIL             RUSSIA                   PERU

64.62 lakhs            50.20  lakhs             43.15 lakhs          10.73 Lakh                           7.38 lakh

 (Source: WHO)



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