India reports biggest single day jump of 55,078 cases in last 24 hrs

31 Jul 2020 06:10 PM

India recorded its biggest single day jump of 55,078 covid-19 cases in last 24 hours. The recovery of patients has crossed the 10.57 lakh mark.

The total tally of cases has reached 16,38,870 while the death toll has surged to 35,747.

Meanwhile the corona virus cases in world has reach 1.74 crore and more than 1.09 crore have recovered.

779 deaths were reported in last 24 hours. People are eagerly waiting for vaccine for this virus. However, the rising cases are not taking a rest. The corona virus tally reached 5,704 as on Friday.

Neighbouring state of Goa, Maharashtra is leading with coronavirus cases, followed by Tamil Nadu, Delhi, Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka.

Maharashtra Chief Minister Uddhav Thackrey has started planning the strategy in various fields to control virus.

The corona virus cases in world has crossed 1.74 crore mark and death has increased beyond 6.77 lakhs.

More than 1.09 lakh patients have recovered. USA is leading with corona virus cases followed by Brazil, India, Russai and South Africa.  

Desk: Jawahar Barve

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