CM announces that only essential shops to be kept open

04 May 2021 04:04 PM

The Chief Minister Dr Pramod Sawant on Tuesday announced added restrictions including the closure of all non-essential shops, no sitting in restaurants, as cases and deaths rise. Only shops selling essential services are to be allowed to be kept open. Markets will be allowed to be kept open with social distancing. However, he said that people working in essential services will be allowed to go to work even as he once again appealed to those that did not need to go to work to stay home.

 The chief minister said that he was announcing these additional restrictions considering the sentiments of the people and the worsening pandemic situation. All non-essential shops should be closed, but essential shops and services will be open. Restaurants can keep their kitchens open and opt for home delivery and takeaways. Markets can operate by maintaining social distancing, the chief minister said.

He advised panchayats and municipalities that are going in for lockdown to ensure that 100 % essential services are operational. He was however critical of all these additional lockdowns saying that they would create panic among people and people would resort to panic buying.

 movement of people going for work. He said that this was not advisable as many of the people who are not allowed to move out, might be working in hospitals, pharmaceutical companies and other essential services. He  urged them not to resort to such measures which would create hurdles in covid management. 

Desk: Bureau | Camera: Irshad Shaikh

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