Birds, animals rule Goa as Corona threat locks up Goans behind the doors

22 Mar 2020 08:38 PM

No doubt Corona virus is a big threat and we have to fight it. But the Janata Curfew observed for that showed a different world to us, which we had forgotten. The Mother Nature and the birds and animals who started moving freely in the peaceful environment. Our reporters captured these moments.

This was a scene everywhere. We could feel it. May it be in the cities, villages or in Kullagars.

The crows and the sparrows. And different other birds.

This is our capital city Panaji and one of the busiest market road, from where you can see also the casino vessel.

See how the pigeons are playing on the road. VO3: And even at the SGPDA market in Madgao.

An eagle moving freely above the Atal Sethu in Panaji, captured by our reporter Jawahar Barve.

Our video journalist captured even a python moving freely adjacent to the Altinho road.

And watch these cattle, captured by our reporter Ramesh Naik Raut. We normally call them RTOs. They were the kings of the road on Sunday.

And also a group of dogs captured by our reporter Mahesh Govekar from Bicholim.

And this is Madgao muinicipality.

Our reporter Sandeep Tuenkar says neither the ruling panel of Vijai Sardesai nor the Shadow Council of Savio Coutinho, there were new watchdogs who were protecting the Portuguese-time Camra Salcete.

And these are the ultimate, sent to us by citizen journalists. A cat playing with the squirrel and the family feeding the squirrel.

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