A stitch in time saves 9

23 Mar 2020 07:08 PM

The railway station at Curchorem has no thermal scanners. But on Monday the Amarvati Express train stopped at Curchorem.

However, taking heed of the government directions a alert journalist immediately informed the police who acted immediately and did not let passengers to step down at railway station.

But made the train carry on to Vasco.

Goa 365 reporter Prahar Sanvordekar was on duty at the Curchorem railway station.

He spoke to station manager who confirmed that there was no testing being done at the railway station.

He also informed that the Amaravati Express train from Delhi to Vasco had a 2 minutes halt at the Curchorem railway station. Sanvordekar informed the police.

Curchorem PI Ravindra Dessai along with police force rushed to the station and stopped the passengers from stepping down.

An announcement was made for passengers to get down at Vasco railway station.

Amarvati Express later arrived at its last stop that is Vasco railway station.

Authorities screened each and every passengers before allowing them to leave the premises.  

Reporter: Prahar Sanvordekar | Desk: Sameep Narvekar

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