Middlemen creating confusion with our business: Hotel Owners

कमिशन बंद, देखून गिरायकां दिवपबंद : हॉटेल वेवसायींचो बोवाळ

31 Jul 2020 06:13 PM

The people coming from other states in Goa during pandemic time had booked their hotels. Booking confirmation along with reicipt was sent by the hotel owners. However, when these customers landed at the airpot the middlemen took them to different hotel, said the South Goa Hotel Owners Association on Friday

The association said that their business is facing a threat due to middlemen.

They stopped getting customers to their hotel as they had stopped giving commissions, said.

They alleged that there was no benefit to them for registering as a quarantine center. They also should want some relief on electricity bills, they have demanded.

The hotel owners say its difficult to pay electricity and water bills as they have no customers.

They demanded that the government give some relief in these bills. 

Reporter: Sandeep Tuenkar | Desk: Sushant Gawas

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