Solar a promising alternative as power costs soar

20 Apr 2022 06:37 PM

Solar power was one of the major options to overcome rising costs, power shortages, the government said today. Goa has been facing power shortages over the past few days leading to industrial estate along with many homes too facing power cuts.

Nilesh Cabral, former power minister who is the environment minister on Tuesday said that solar energy was the need of the hour in order to overcome rising costs and shortages of power while speaking during an inauguration function at Verna.

Cabral spoke about urgency of increase in amount of solar power in the state citing power costs are only going to keep getting higher with the growing economy. Cabral said that solar power can help citizens become self-sufficient with their power needs. He said policies have to be formulated to make solar energy more affordable and easier to employ. 

Goa, which is heavily dependent on power from neighbouring states, has seen shortages hitting industries and homes. While Industries have agreed to bear the additional cost of procuringcostlier additional power imports from the open market, the issue of costlier power and shortages doesn’t seem to be a one-time thing. 

Reporter: HIru Mahale

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