Migrants issue still remains unsolved, Na Ghar ke, Na Ghat ke

ना घर का ना घाट का : कर्नाटक, युपी, एमपीचे कामगार बेदखल!

12 May 2020 04:19 PM

The issue of migrants still remains unsolved. Looks like there is no coordination between Goa and Karnataka government. Some migrants went to Karnataka border to go back home. But they were not allowed to enter and were sent back. Now they are stranded at Margao. While, migrants from UP and MP are taking rounds of government offices, all are complaining that they barely have any food. 

Yesterday some Bihari migrants went to Cuncolim police station to demand that they be sent home. On Tuesday migrants from Karnataka went to the border with their children. But they were sent back. Their own Karnataka government is not taking them back and they also don't have shelter in Goa.  

UP migrants were lodged in youth hostel Panaji. Now they are being told a bus from UP would pick them up within 2 days. 4 days have passed but the bus has not reached and they allege that no food has been provided. Migrants get messages on mobile in English and have to take help to get those read adding to their woes. 

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