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19 Nov 2017

Major fire at Bicholim industrial estate

Billowing smoke heralded a major fire at the Bicholim industrial estate on Sunday. 4 fire tenders from as far as Valpoi and Mapusa besides local tenders from Bicholim were pressed into service to control the fire after waste fibre dumped outside a factory.

11 Nov 2017

Woman has miraculous escape after bus lands on her car

A woman in a car had a miraculous escape on Saturday at Vadden in Vasco after a bus fell on her car.

02 Nov 2017

Canacona-Khola bus turns turtle, 20 injured

There was a major accident in Canacona on Thursday evening.

28 Oct 2017

Repaired pipeline bursts again within 24 hours

The water supply to some places in and around Kurti-Ponda and Usgao will be badly affected for next 2 days.

26 Oct 2017

Major tragedy averted in Vasco

A major tragedy was averted due to swift on time action by the Fire authorities in the port town of Vasco on Thursday.

26 Oct 2017

Twin incidents mar bridge work in state

On Tuesday one of the huge construction cranes working at the New Mandovi bridge crashed into the river.And on Wednesday another crane at the construction of the new Zuari bridge toppled over.

22 Oct 2017

Another Sunday, another road accident, tragedy on Goan roads continues

It was another weekend in Kunkolli with similar fate on the national Highway stretch, which remained blocked for more than an hour after a fatal accident on Sunday morning.

16 Oct 2017

Give 100% compensation to Canacona flood victims

Goa Pradesh Congress Committee President Shantaram Naik and Curtorim MLA Reginaldo Lourenco said that they the government should give 100 per cent compensation through Disaster Management Authority by amalgamating different funds.

15 Oct 2017

3 vehicles damaged in Bambolim accident

3 vehicles were severely damaged in a road accident on the highway stretch at Army Camp Bambolim on Sunday morning.

14 Oct 2017

Clear obstacles, avoid tragedies; Bicholim Municipality instructs vendors

The Bicholim market is at risk of being damaged in major fire tragedies.

10 Oct 2017

Pedestrian killed while crossing at Sirlim

A pedestrian crossing the road at Sirlim Dharmapur was hit by 4 wheeler and killed on the spot on Monday evening.

09 Oct 2017

Boy dies 200 mtrs away from home in fatal accident

Another road accident kills a 25 year old youth.

03 Oct 2017

KTC bus stand fire impact is very severe, assessment of losses still on

The impact of fire on KTC bus stand is very severe. The assessment and evaluation process from the administration of the tragic incident is still on.

02 Oct 2017

Bus overturns in freak accident at Vasco’s Valles junction

In a freak accident, a bus overturned while taking a turn at Valles Junction at Daboli. Nobody was injured.

02 Oct 2017

Major Fire at Panaji Kadamba Bus Stand, RTO & KTC records destroyed

The week started with a huge tragedy as the premises of Kadamba Bus Stand Complex caught fire early Monday morning.

29 Sep 2017

Incessant rains create havoc in rural Quepem, damages fields of locals

The incessant rains since Thursday evening has resulted in heavy damage to the fields of locals of rural Quepem.

26 Sep 2017

A mechanic shoots a mason dead in Navelim bar

A mason was shot dead in a bar at Shantinagar in Navelim on Tuesday. Two men were sitting in a bar nursing their drinks. Suddenly, a man pulled out his gun and shot a man dead sitting opposite him.

26 Sep 2017

No luck for Lucky 7 on Tue, next refloating after 15 days

Lucky 7 casino vessel missed yet another opportunity of refloating it on Tuesday, which is day of the highest high tide. It is now postponed by 15 more days.

18 Sep 2017

Nagarmadi Accident: 3 out of 4 bodies found, 1 still missing

After the tragic drowning incident at Nagarmadi waterfalls on Sunday, the 3 dead bodies out of remaining 4 were fished out on Monday.

17 Sep 2017

6 Goans wash away at Nagarmadi waterfall in Karwar

Goa was hit with a major tragedy on Sunday, much stronger than the incessant rains. Five Goans were washed away at a waterfall in Karwar.

15 Sep 2017

Fire in Ponda market cause loss of 20 lakhs

Two shops at Upper Bazar in Ponda were gutted by fire on Thursday night. This fire resulted in the loss of around 20 lakh rupees however the cause of the fire is still a mystery.

11 Sep 2017

Scooterist killed, wife serious in bike accident at Dramapur

One died on the spot in a road accident at Dramapur- Sirlim on Monday.

06 Sep 2017

Journalist assassinated outside her home

The killing of prominent senior journalist Gauri Lankesh has shocked the nation. She was shot and killed outside her house in cold blood.

11 Aug 2017

Comes & goes the Friday, Lucky7 still grounded at Miramar

The 11th of August has come and gone. But the grounded casino Lucky 7 is still firmly entrenched on Miramar beach.

06 Aug 2017

One fisherman missing after canoe was caught in heavy current off Baina

One labourer of a fishing canoe Shrikant Yadav has gone missing after the canoe got caught in a heavy current off Baina shore.

21 Jul 2017

Tree-fall damage two more houses, this time in Davorlim

Two houses were damaged in Davorlim after a tree got uprooted and collapsed on them on Thursday.

20 Jul 2017

Tree falll in Vasco damages house in Vasco, people demand to cut old trees

A huge tree fell on a house at Driver hill in Vasco. Luckily, there was no major loss.

20 Jul 2017

Hill cutting for road widening at Chicalim threatens landslides

A portion of a hill has been excavated at Chicalim to widen NH17 A. But the loosened soil is on the verge of triggering landslides, thus endangering the lives of motorists.

19 Jul 2017

Incessant rains block highways, flood-fear in Bicholim & Sankhli

The incessant sudden rains in past 48 hours have led to heavy damage across the state.

19 Jul 2017

30-yr old Govt school in tribal Gaodongri crying for urgent repairs

While the authorities are boasting of developing high-quality educational infrastructure in the state, there is a school building in Goa, more than 30-year-old and not repaired even once in all these years.

18 Jul 2017

Two youths died on the spot in a road accident at Shantinagar in Vasco.

Two youths died on the spot in a road accident at Shantinagar, Vasco.

18 Jul 2017

Tree falls on a house in Siolim, causing severe damage

A huge mango tree got uprooted and fell on a house at Oxel in Siolim on early morning Tuesday.

16 Jul 2017

Tourism Min Babu warns of legal action against grounded vessel, Cong demands inquiry

The grounded vessel of the Casino MV Lucky Seven is likely inviting a potential danger. It can totally destroy the Miramar beach, which is one of the biggest tourist attractions in the capital city.

16 Jul 2017

Lucky7 casino unlucky? Grounded off Miramar, danger of oil spill !

Anchor: The sixth controversial casino grounded hardly 100 metres away from the Miramar beach is causing a major danger of oil spill. The casino vessel Lucky7 was grounded on Saturday night on a sand bar.

13 Jul 2017

Baffling case of missing Uttarakhand boy

The family members of 20-year-old alleged drowning victim Ankit Singh have lost peace of mind.

11 Jul 2017

Police rescue a woman confined in a room for over a decade

it’s a horrifying story. The plight of a married woman, who was locked up in a 3x2 room, it seems over 10 long years in Candolim.

04 Jul 2017

Rohan gives 4 lakh to Revodkar, family asks for the killed boy!

Revenue Minister Rohan Khaunte has ordered both the district collectors to review all the cases across Goa of the trees which are dangerous, after the Revoda tragedy.

27 Jun 2017

3 injured after a car driver loses control

Three persons were injured and eight vehicles damaged after a motorist lost control and hit the people and the vehicles in Margao on Tuesday.

26 Jun 2017

Fatal accident on Panaji Ribandar causeway, claims one life

In a major accident on the Panaji Ribandar causeway, two youngsters were flung into Mandovi River after a head on collision between a car and bike.

24 Jun 2017

Old footbridge of Sanvordem finally dismantled

The old Sanvordem footbridge has finally been dismantled by the PWD authorities.

24 Jun 2017

Kamat calls for speedy completion of district hospital

MLA Digambar Kamat ha opined that the dangerous portions of Hospicio hospital should be demolished and repaired immediately so as to avoid any tragedy.

21 Jun 2017

People stone Fire Brigade office to save a burning shop

A shop caught fire in Curchorem market around midnight on Tuesday. And it was fully gutted simply because the fire brigade did not reach in time.

21 Jun 2017

Another boy jumps off unused Sanvordem footbridge

Yet another young boy committed suicide from the same unused footbridge of Savodde, which had become a cause of a major tragedy that occurred one month ago.

15 Jun 2017

Cuncolim Municipality demands for action against the damaged old buildings

Cuncolim Municipality has raised concerns regarding the fear of collapse of old buildings in the town.

14 Jun 2017

Huge tree falls on a house in Aldona

A huge tree fell on a residential house in Aldona after heavy showers on Wednesday .

12 Jun 2017

Incessant rains create havoc all over the state

It’s not even a week since the monsoons have hit Goa; the heavy rains have started creating havoc all over the state.

10 Jun 2017

2 boys drown at Zuarinagar in IDC’s water-filled pit

Two minor boys died of drowning at Zuarinagar in Sancoale on Saturday. The boys had gone to play in an open pit nearby. The incident took place in a plot belonging to IDC where a pit has been dug up

10 Jun 2017

False ceiling collapses at Tilak Maidan again

A part of the false ceiling at Tilak Maidan in Vasco collapsed on Saturday.

07 Jun 2017

Vehicle in Bicholim Mysteriously Catches fire

A vehicle which was parked near Shantadurga High School Bicholim suddenly caught fire in the early hours on Wednesday.

07 Jun 2017

Retaining wall collapsed on 2 houses in vasco

2 houses at Belabai in Vasco suffered huge damage after a retaining wall collapsed on it.

27 May 2017

CCP laborer’s house gutted in fire.

One shanty was gutted in fire at Kamrabhat in Taleigao on Saturday evening.

19 May 2017

Search in Sanvordem mishap suspended, 3 bodies found, 14 rescued

The search and rescue operations in the Sanvordem footbridge mishap were finally suspended on Friday evening after recovering 3 dead bodies from the Zuari river.

18 May 2017

Unused foot bridge in Sanvordem collapses in Zuari river, many missing

A major tragedy occurred on Thursday late evening in Sanvordem. Many people who climbed on unused foot bridge fell in the river as the bridge collapsed.

18 May 2017

Gera crane crashes, killing the operator, in Panaji

A crane operator of Gera constructions was killed on Thursday evening in Panaji as the hydraulic crane suddenly crashed.

06 May 2017

Bus avoids collusion only to hit a car

Four persons were injured in an accident that took place at Borim in Ponda on Saturday.

03 May 2017

Francisco fishes out drowned body, does what Fire Brigade, Navy couldn’t

What the Navy and the Fire brigade could not do , a simple man from Sanguem managed to do .

29 Apr 2017

2 Vasco youth feared drowned at Kodar in Ponda

In a tragic incident two youths are feared drowned at Kodar Betoda in Ponda.

19 Apr 2017

Black Wed claims 2 more lives on Verna by-pass in different accidents

It was a Black Wednesday, claiming two lives in two different accidents on Verna by-pass.

17 Apr 2017

8 killed in series of accidents all over the state

A series of accidents have rocked the state since late Sunday night. At old Goa 5 people were killed after a truck hit four vehicles.

22 Feb 2017

Old Borim bridge poses life-threat, navigation banned at high tide

The old Portuguese era bailey bridge is posing danger to the locals of Bori, especially the fishermen and the sand extractors.

14 Feb 2017

Alert driver averts major bus mishap, 17 school children escape with minor injuries

Quick thinking by a school bus driveron Tuesday saved the lives of his student passengers0 at Xelvona, Curchorem

06 Feb 2017

Mining truck claims one more life in Curchorem

Mining has claimed one more life in Kudchade

20 Jan 2017

one killed by loaded truck in Bicholim

Gurudas Shetkar from Kyasarverne Pedne died on the spot after a loaded truck crushed him and his hero Honda motorcycle on a busy road in Mulgao, Bicholim.

17 Nov 2016

बिरेस्तारा सांजे अचकीत हेराल्ड ह्या इंग्लीश दिसाळ्याच्या छापखान्याक उजो लागलो.