Massive Fire Erupts at Mapusa, Engulfing Bodgeshwar Temple Vicinity||GOA365

14 Apr 2024 07:23 PM

A devastating fire broke out at Morod, Mapusa opposite the Bodgeshwar Temple, causing widespread alarm and panic among local residents. Fire personnel, suspecting foul play, confronted significant challenges in battling the intense blaze fueled by dry grass and scorching temperatures.

Originating at Mapusa Yard and quickly spreading to the Morod Mapusa Sub-Registrar, the fire rapidly consumed an estimated area of 2 to 3 thousand square meters. Difficult environmental conditions and high fire intensity posed significant obstacles for firefighters, who struggled to contain the inferno.

Two fire brigades were deployed to the scene, with both fire personnel and Mapusa police working tirelessly to prevent further damage. Despite their best efforts, the fire raged on, leaving a trail of destruction in its wake. Thick smoke and extreme heat hindered the efforts of residents who tried to assist in extinguishing the flames. Authorities are yet to determine the cause of the fire.

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