Goan Roads Continue to Witness a Spate of Accidents||GOA365

22 Apr 2024 08:30 PM

Goan roads continue to witness a spate of accidents, with no day passing without someone sustaining injuries. In a shocking incident, a 400-year-old cross was severely damaged after a car allegedly driven by an inebriated individual rammed into it at Socorro.

Adding to the woes, a separate incident saw a car lose control and collide with a tourist taxi and a bike on the Siolim-Badem stretch of road. Fortunately no injuries were reported, however, vehicles involved in the accident were severely damaged. As the popular holiday destination grapples with an influx of vehicles and reckless driving, these accidents serve as a grim reminder of the urgent need for authorities to prioritize road safety and implement measures to prevent such incidents from occurring.

As the state strives to maintain its reputation as a premier tourist destination, ensuring the safety of both locals and visitors on its roads should be a top priority. Stringent enforcement of traffic rules, awareness campaigns, and improved infrastructure are crucial steps to curb the rising number of accidents and prevent further loss of life.

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