2 buses meet with accidents, both due to dug up roads, potholes

16 Sep 2019 05:58 PM

Two bus accidents were reported in the last 24 hours. And because fo potholes an ddug up roads. On Monday, one bus carrying 22 passengers plunged into paddy fields at Raia trying to escape potholes injuring 15 of them. Injured passengers were shifted to a nearby hospital. In another incident passenger bus travelling from Panaji to Ponda stand fell on its side after the back wheel of the bus got trapped in a huge trench that was dug along the roadside for laying cables by a mobile company.

 Watch how the bus fell in the field at Raia on Monday. In the incident few passengers received minor injuries. Locals say that the bus tried to escape the potholes on the road and went into the field.


The second bus met with an accident on the road leading to KTC Bus Stand, Ponda as it was giving way to the bus coming in the opposite direction. Its wheel got trapped in the trenches dug for telephone cables.

Local Panchayat member Rajesh Naik said while digging road locals Panch member had not been been informed while the digging was going in.

He said the authorities issuing permissions should ensure that the dug up roads are properly restored. Passengers were received minor injuries.

Desk: Clinton Dsouza

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