Family resorts to private divers to recover son’s body at Chimbel; full story

20 Nov 2023 08:23 PM

Private divers successfully recovered the body of the 18-year-old boy who tragically drowned at the abandoned stone quarry in Chimbel earlier today. The site, labeled as 'Chimbel Waterfall' on social media, has become a recurrent location for such incidents, as reported by residents. Here’s the full story

The deceased on vacation in our state met a tragic fate. The boy, along with six companions, returned to the quarry for an evening swim.

Unfortunately, the situation took a devastating turn when one of the friends reportedly started drowning. In a heroic effort to rescue her, the young man rushed in but, tragically, ended up drowning himself in the process. The deceased's uncle shared more details

This incident has brought attention to various shortcomings within the system. Firstly, locals are blaming the panchayat for not taking measures to cordon off the quarry, despite multiple deaths occurring there over the years.

Adding to the challenges, firefighters found themselves ill-equipped when they were dispatched with swimmers instead of divers on the day of the drowning. Faced with a 48-hour wait, the family had no choice but to hire private divers to expedite the recovery of the body.

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