Codli Mine Accident: Family refuses to accept body, asks for compensation

06 Dec 2017 08:31 PM | Codli

On Tuesday, Manoj Naik’s body was found after 4 days of intensive search operations but now the family has refused to accept the body of the deceased until Sesa Vendata announces compensation for the damages.

The family has now claimed that the death of Sesa mine worker Manoj Naik is a murder out of negligence.

On Saturday, 42-year old Manoj from Kharpaband in Ponda, fell into a mine pit with the ripper machine.

Until Tuesday, the body was untraceable. The family has now refused to claim the body till company gives written assurance on the compensation. 

Till now, no one from the company has issued a statement but the police has filed an FIR against the officials of Sesa for negligence. 

Reporter: Prahar Sanvordekar | Desk: Deepali Desai

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