Babu hits out at Cong, warns striking lifeguards

ताबडतोब कामार रुजू जायात, ना जाल्यार लायतां एज्मा : बाबूची लायफगार्डांक शिटकावणी

15 Oct 2019 06:45 PM

Tourism Minister Babu Azgaonkar has pounced back on GPCC President Girish Chodankar because he alleged that Babu is only concerned about the commission on projects and not tourism. He has also warned the lifeguards on strike to impose ESMA if they don’t report to duty immediately.

Goa witnessed two deaths due to drowning while Drishti lifeguards are on strike. In this background, Girish demanded that chief minister should drop incompetent Babu Azgaonkar as the tourism minister. 

 Obviously Babu did not keep quite at this. Using offence as defence, he said the corrupt Congress should not tell him. 

Regarding the strike of Drishti lifeguards, Babu said government has made all the payments to Drishti. He told the striking lifeguards either to join the duty immediately or face the Essential Services Maintenance Act. 


Reporter: Ramesh Naik Raut | Desk: Bureau

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