No Tolerance for Tourist Mistreatment”, Goa Police Issues Stern Warning to Tourist Establishments||ENGLISH||GOA365

17 Nov 2023 08:11 PM

In wake of the upcoming tourist season, Mapusa Sub-divisional Police officer Jivba Dalvi held a meeting with restaurants and pub owners in his jurisdiction, urging the owners to not take law in their hand and ensure customer safety

The Deputy Superintendent of Police issued a clear warning to establishments, saying misbehavior with tourists will not be tolerated. He further stressed on promoting the use of taxis for customers who may have consumed alcohol to avoid accidents and casualties.

Dalvi stressed that any incidents involving intoxicated tourists should be reported to the police, while further advising against confrontations or demands for compensation. He emphasized that civilians are not authorized to handle such situation, saying such situation is not within civilian’s “purview”. The move aims to improve road safety and prevent alcohol-related accidents in Goa.  

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