Tourism stakeholders demand more time for policy feedback

लोकवेद, लोकसंस्कृताय खबर आशिल्ल्यांनीच पर्यटन धोरण थारावचें : नंदकुमार कामत

07 Nov 2018 08:25 PM

Everybody talks about mining. But the role tourism plays gets downplayed.

Also the government has not been giving figures on what the state has earned or the foreign exchange earned from foreign tourist for the past 2 decades.

These and reactions to the new tourism policy were debated threadbare on Wednesday. 

The Centre for Responsible Tourism held a discussion bringing stakeholders together in response to the government decision to put up a new tourism policy.

The feedback is supposed to come from stakeholder 500 words and by November 12.

Stakeholder on Wednesday absolutely rubbished this move by the government and demanded that the policy be widely disseminated at panchayat in local languages and more time give for suggestions.   

Desk: Glenn Costa | Camera: Shyam Chari

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