SAI releases Sports Guidelines #covid19

21 May 2020 06:14 PM

Sports Authority of India has released Standard Operating Procedure to resume sporting activities in India. Sports Authority of India has drawn up an 8-point Standard Operating Procedure regarding starting sporting activities in India as the country gears up for life post the Covid-19 outbreak.

The Sports Authority of India had suspended all training activities in all its centers from March 17 owing to the global Corona pandemic and the subsequent nation-wide lockdown from March 24. The SOP recommends principles on which sports in India will be resumed. The document that details the roadmap for pursuing sports activities keeping in mind the health and safety of athletes and all stakeholders, significantly recommends the following:

1) Compliance of Govt guidelines on health, social distancing & hygiene.

2) All sporting activities to be held consultation with local authorities, where the sports complex/stadia is situated.

3) There will be a graded resumption of training.

4) SOP to all athletes, technical & non-technical staff involved in training, irrespective of the organization they represent, all admin staff at training center, all hostel & facility management staff, visitors at all centers. 

5) SOP calls for constant monitoring & management of the health protocols of the government.

6) SOP lays down the pre-training procedures to be followed by all centers. This includes putting in place a COVID Task Force, deputing a hygiene officer, disinfection of the premises, education and sensitization of athletes and other stakeholders on Covid precautionary measures.

7) SOP categorises sports into non-contact sports, minimal/medium contact sport, full-contact sport & water sport. 

8) SOP also lays out DOs & Don’ts for athletes, coaches, support staff, administrative staff and medical staff during the course of training.

Desk: Clinton Dsouza

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