Quitla family alleges harassment by builder, says no justice yet

13 Feb 2022 07:25 PM

A family from Quitla Aldona has complained that their lives are under threat. They allege that they are being threatened that if they do not move out of their tenanted house they have have to face consequencies. Many police complaints have been filed but no action taken, family alleged.

 A car belonging to the Bhatle family was damaged by the miscreants last night. The family alleged that persons hired by the builder lobby are behind the act as this was not the first incident.

In the past they were being intimidated by the builder lobby and they  are facing threats from builder’s bouncers wit CCTVs fitted in the property to track their move, family members complained.

The landlord has directly sold their tenanted land to their builder. But they are forced to move out without any compensation, alleged the Bhatle family. 

Reporter: Sandeep Kamulkar | Desk: Sameep Narvekar

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