Mhadei & Naphtha feature in Kalo of Pilgao

11 Dec 2019 07:37 PM

Commenting on current issues in a sarcastic and humorous manner is the tradition of Kalo in Goa. The famous Kalo of Pilgao also highlighted hot issues of Mhadei and Naphtha in their own style. Watch how Babu Bhat of Kankavali alerts the Sutradhar of Kalo on these burning issues.

Pilgao Kalo commenced on Sunday and continued for 2 days.

On Sunday 8th December artists performed skits based on mythological characters.

The Kalo got over on Monday after a drama performance. Temple priest Arvind Saynekar shared details.

Kalo continues with the age-old characters of Sutradhar, Shankhasur and a Joker.

But cracks jokes on whats happening around. Including the current issues by blending it skillfully with the story of Kalo.

Desk: Jawahar Barve | Camera: Sandeep Pilgaokar

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