Lala ki Basti flourishes at Thivim with blessings from political godfather

21 Sep 2021 07:06 PM

The issue of Bhumpitra bill is still hot in Goa. This controversy now may further escalate as alleged vote bank of 300 people has mushroomed in Thivim, allegedly with the blessing of a political godfather.

 This dwelling is called Lala ki Basti. Surprisingly, the dwelling still flourishes despite high court giving demolition order.

Few migrants started living here in Thivim. Later the houses in the area increased and it was named as Lala Ki Basti. In 2010, High Court pronounced this dwelling illegal and ordered to demolish this house.

However, the order was openly violated and the houses are still increasing in Lala Ki Basti. Earlier, there were 35 houses now there are 100 houses. And the credit goes to the politicians. 

Desk: Jawahar Barve

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