Khotigao road washed off, locals built kaccha road from own money

खोतीगांवच्या लोकांनी श्रमदानान केलो रस्तो

16 Jun 2019 05:20 PM

There is no end to the issues affecting Khotigao village in Cancona. Locals allege that their problems are ignored by the government. The road constructed 16 years ago was washed off due to rains. Now the Khotigao villagers have built a kaccha road by putting boulders by spending their own money.

The roads in Khotigao are not proper. Within the arrivals of the first showers, the roads have turned haphazard. The Village road that constructed 16 years ago was completely washed off due to rains.

There are no storm water drains along this road due to which this road gets flooded. The local lost their cool and built kaccha road by dumping boulders. Watch local expressing their anguish. Mulgao panchayat has demanded with PWD to clean the storm water drains at Valshi in Mulgao. The roads in the area are getting flooded as drains are choked up due to debris.

While roads are being dug to lay internet cable. This has led to rainwater to enter in nearby shops and houses. Panchayat has demanded that PWD should immediately act on the matter. 

Reporter: Devidas Gaonkar | Desk: Jawahar Barve

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