Boycott more effective, Marle-Tirval tribals decide not to go for NOTA

20 Apr 2019 08:07 PM

Tribals of Marle-Tirval in Canacona have more faith in election boycott than pressing the NOTA button on EVM.

They have thus decided to go ahead with their resolve to boycott election on 23rd April rather than listening to Election Commission’s request.

After Goa365 broke the news that 250 tribal voters living in a forest of Marle-Tirval have decided to boycott elections for want of a proper road, the Election Commission officials have rushed to the village in the Khotigao sanctuary.

But people have decided not to listen to their request to choose NOTA button by voting rather than boycotting. Watch their argument.

As soon as the news broke, Canacona Congress MLA Isidore Fernandes as well as AAP South Goa candidate Elvis Gomes had visited the tribals with a request to vote.

Now, Goa Suraksha Manch has also requested them from Panaji, to vote, while assuring them to support their agitation after election.

Also the people of Ansule in Sattari and Saljini in Sanguem.  

Reporter: Devidas Gaonkar | Desk: Bureau

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