Stop protests against coal, says CM; Goa not banning the coal, says Nilesh

25 Oct 2020 06:04 PM

The ports constructed in Goa are not meant for coal. They can be used for all other purposes. People should stop these protests against coal, Chief Minister Pramod Sawant appealed on Sunday. The Power Minister Nilesh Cabral has not changed his stand on the issue too. He said coal is here to stay. And Goa is not banning the transportation of coal.

Goa is not utilising its waterways fully due to obstructions created by the protectors.

There 11 rivers and 2 ports, one minor and one major. These ports are also meant for the industries, for different kinds of import and exports, the chief minister said.

He said that his government had not started Coal. But it was always there.

Meanwhile, Power Minister Nilesh Cabral was quite adamant on Cola dn it being the futre for Goa and Goans.

We bring transmission lines 1000 kms away from Goa as the population of the state has increased and so has the power demand.

Double tracking and four laning of national highways are important in a developing nation like India to stop youth leaving to foreign countries.

Reporter: Prahar Sanvordekar | Desk: Sameep Narvekar

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