Sawal builds culvert for Bicholkar from own pocket

15 Apr 2019 07:05 PM

The loss in election has not stopped former Bicholim MLA Naresh Sawal from working for the people.

 He has built a culvert for people from Ganesh Nagar spending money from his own pocket as it was a dire necessity. 

A new colony has come up at Ganesh Nagar in Bordem-Bicholim area.

The tarred road built by government stops in this area. A muddy road leads towards the colony.

As there was no culvert there was a fear that this road might get submerged during rains.

Sawal had promised them to build a culvert. After knowing that the work might not completed before rains due to elections, Sawal built the culvert using own funds.

Reporter: Mahesh Govekar | Desk: Jawahar Barve | Editing: Vibhav Naik

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