Officials take bribe to allow illegal sand mining, says NGO after HC directs state to crack down

23 Dec 2019 07:39 PM

The Goa River Sand Protectors network has alleged that each and every sand canoe is bribing 700 rupees to officers of the Captain of Ports department and Coastal Police government officers. They say will keep an eye, file FIRs against guilty.

The Goa River Sand Protectors network said despite the judgment passed by the High Court on the 18th of this month, there has been increase in illegal sand extraction.

The High Court has directed the state to patrol black spots, find and file FIRs and cases against guilty.

It directed the state to pursue cases till logical conclusion, and not only file them under MMDR act, or Goa Minor Mineral concession rules 1985 as guilty get away with minor fines.

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