Consumer Protection Council to document potholes

खड्डेमय जग, सरकाराचो धर्म? कागाळी करपाक मजत करतली समिती

10 Sep 2019 06:13 PM

Potholes have brought misery to a lot of people and the victims could not do anything about it. Not any more. In the latest accident at Colmorod, the rider's leg was fractured. The South Goa District Consumer Protection Committee is now planning on documenting potholes measuring their depth and size. They will also help victims file cases against the concerned departments.

The Sub-committee on road safety of South Goa District Consumer Protection Council held a meeting on Tuesday in Margao to prepare  agenda for the  Consumer Protection Council meeting that will be held shortly. Officials of Transport Department and Traffic Police  attended the meeting,

Another accident  and another  victim. A scooterist  met with an accident at Colmorod  on Tuesday and suffered leg fracture. The road where the accident took place not only has potholes but sludge is all over making the road slippery.

Commuters continue to suffer because of potholes on roads and some even pay with their livesFondekar say Traffic Police should first ensue the repairs are carried out on roads before issuing challans. 

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