ZP poll of 24 March postponed after HC petition, Exams from Std IX to XII also cancelled

24 तारखेकय जावची ना जिल्लो पंचायत वेंचणूक : णववी ते बारावेच्यो परिक्षाय रद्द

20 Mar 2020 08:08 PM

Looks like a petition filed in the high court finally worked. State Election Commission has cancelled ZP election of 22nd March, but has not accepted the new proposed date of 24th March. And the exams of students from Std ninth to Twelfth have also been cancelled. Two major threats to the spread of corona virus have finally been taken care of.

After prime minister Modi announced in his national address that 22nd March would be observed as Janata Curfew, Chief Minister Dr Pramod Sawant had a meeting with SEC late night and decided to postpone ZP election on 24th March. He confirmed it on Friday morning while talking to media. He also said the exams from Std ninth to Twelfth are also cancelled.

But things changed by evening, when government was told to file affidavit on ZP election by the court and the preparations done to control the threat of corona virus. Accordingly, State Election Commissioner R K Srivastava said the elections are postponed indefinitely. New date would be announced later.

A Ponjekar citizen Keneth Silveira meantime filed a petition before the high court, seeking postponement of ZP election in view of threat of corona virus.

Many political party leaders also welcomed the decision of elections being postponed. 

Reporter: Sandeep Tuenkar | Desk: Clinton Dsouza | Camera: Amar Chawaria

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