Wrong calculations could be BJP's defeat in South Goa & Panaji: CM

पणजी आनी दक्षिण गोंयचे बाबतींत गणितां चुकलीं : डॉ. प्रमोद सावंत

24 May 2019 05:42 PM

BJP had to face defeat in South Goa Lok Sabha election and in Panaji by-polls.

The Chief Minister Dr. Pramod Sawant feels they were defeated due to wrong calculations.

Sawant said they dont know where their calculations could have gone wrong. 

BJP lost South Goa seat to Congress by a margin of around 9,000 votes.

More importantly, the BJP lost its Panaji fortress of 25 years to Congress by a margin of 1,700 votes.

When asked whether it was mining issue or Sudin factor that affected BJP's performance in South Goa, the chief minister was circumspect.

And did not speak on what affected BJP's performance in Panaji.

Pramod has expressed confidence that the BJP will take back both the lost seats by strengthening the party organisation.  

Reporter: Sameep Narvekar | Desk: Sameep Narvekar | Camera: Yeshwant Parab | Editing: Nitin Josalkar

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