Vasco-kars oppose naphtha at harbour, Milind calls MPT Chairman ‘makod’

हार्बराचेर नाफ्ता हाडपाक वास्कोकारांचो विरोध : मिलिंद म्हणटा एमपीटीचो अध्यक्ष माकोड!

12 Dec 2019 08:10 PM

The grounded ship Nalini was finally refloated and brought back to the MPT harbour. But the issue is refusing to die down. Besides the opposition Congress, even BJP minister and local MLA Milind Naik is up in arms. Over the offloading of naphtha in Vasco. He has even gone of the extent of calling MPT chairman ‘makod’ – a monkey.

The Congress continues to allege that the ship was brought to Goa by Milind Naik to sell the Naphtha.

But after the tanker ran aground it became a big issue and slipped out of his hands. Milind denies it.

But does not spare his own chief minister. He asks why CM had to have countless meetings at MPT - and why he was kept out.

Sankalp Amonkar has also demanded investigation into the whole episode while also accusing the CM of being involved in the racket.

When asked about this, theCM says he will definitely probe into it.

On the other hand, locals including one who exposed this whole controversy have opposed the offloading of naphtha at the harbour. 

Reporter: HIru Mahale | Desk: Glenn Costa

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