Re-entry of Dhond might help BJP win 4 seats more: Cong

16 Dec 2018 07:43 PM

The re-entry of Satish Dhond as the organising secretary could help BJP win another 3-4 seats, GPCC president Girish Chodankar said on Sunday.

Otherwise the BJP would not get more than 4 seats.

Replying to questions at press briefing, he said that people were eagerly waiting in case there are mid term polls and the party was ready for them in case it happens. 

Amidst rumours of mid term polls the BJP has bought in its former organising secretary Satish Dhond back to the state.

The Congress and allies too are gearing up by holding various programmes in a bid to invigorate their cadres.

Any which way even if there are no assembly elections, there are for sure Lok Sabha polls and 2 by-polls.

So Goa is headed for elections whatever the case may be.    

Desk: Glenn Costa | Camera: Irshad Shaikh | Editing: Jaidatt Dessai

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